KIT and Tongji University Build Strong Partnership

Since July, Professor Chen Jie is the President of Tongji University in Shanghai. His first visit abroad took him to KIT in Karlsruhe, where he was received by Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT.

The visit was also a sign of the importance Tongji University attaches to its strategic partnership with KIT. It has been existing for many years and continues to evolve. Only in the summer of this year, the two institutions have agreed to start a joint research project for hydrogen propulsion.

In the future, they also want to extend their cooperation to the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Points of contact include the Shanghai Scientific Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence, which Chen Jie presented in Karlsruhe. It is funded by the Shanghai Provincial Government and is intended to combine research into Artificial Intelligence in the key topics Autonomous Driving, Smart Grid, Smart City, Intelligent Manufacturing and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Another topic of the talks in Karlsruhe was the plans for the twentieth anniversary of the partnership in the coming year. Holger Hanselka accepted the invitation to the anniversary celebration at Tongji University. KIT International Affairs coordinates the details with the colleagues at Tongji University.

In addition to the coordination and planning discussions for the further development of the strategic partnership, a joint lunch and an official reception with signature in the guest book were also part of the program. President Chen Jie also learned about the work of the Institute for Production Technology (wbk) and Information Processing Technology (ITIV).