Ausgesuchte Thematische Netzwerke


Thematisches Netzwerk




KIC Inno Energy

KIC InnoEnergy is the European company dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the sustainable energy field by bringing together academics, businesses and research institutes.



European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research, Education and Training (EPUE)

The EPUE was founded in February 2012 by the EUA and unites 170 European universities that are active in energy research.



Climate & Environment




Elf Universitäten aus sieben Ländern, alle renommiert in den Erdwissenschaften, haben das „International University Consortium in Earth Science" gegründet. IUCES zielt darauf, die Zusammenarbeit in den Geo-, Hydro- und Umweltwissenschaften zu stärken und langfristig als internationaler Ansprechpartner für Politik, Medien und Gesellschaft zu fungieren.

Web is a cross-border network of German-French participation in nutrition.



Willis Research Network

Since 2006, the Willis Research Network, comprised of 50 universities and research institutions around the world, has focused its efforts in the applied research for the management of disasters. The CEDIM department at KIT works closely with this network.
Mobility Systems


Sino-German Electromobility Network

The TU9 Electromobility project is a collaboration between German and Chinese universities. Both countries share the goal of making electromobility a key component of future mobility concepts.




Humans & Technology



Um den durch die fortschreitende Globalisierung und die Konsolidierung der Europäischen Union bedingten Herausforderungen an die Wissenschaften gewachsen zu sein, suchen die deutschen Universitäten z. Zt. die Zusammenarbeit in den Bereichen Wirtschaft und Kultur zu intensivieren, wobei diese insbesondere dem Nachwuchs zu Gute kommen soll.



International Network General Studies

The Foundation for the Network of “International Network General Studies” presented on November 11, 2009, ZAK (The Center for Cultural and General Studies), together with 15 representatives German General Studies and International Universities. The central concern of this network is the promotion of general studies programs and the networking of participants.




KIT-Centrum Elementarteilchen- und Astroteilchenphysik (KCETA)

Piere Auger Observatory

The Pierre Auger Observatory is an international cosmic ray observatory in Argentina designed to detect ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. Nearly 100 institutions around the world are collaborating to maintain and update the observatory.




Astroparticle Physics European Consortium

APPEC is a consortium of national government agencies and institutes responsible for coordinating
and funding national research efforts in Astroparticle Physics.




Information Systems


Originally founded as a partnership between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University, interACT is now comprised of eight members from the United States, Asia and Europe, who work in the fields of communication and collaboration technologies.





CLICS provides students and researchers with opportunities to learn in international partnerships unencumbered by language barriers, distances and life style.




Materials & Structures

MANCEF (Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation)

MANCEF is a global network for the commercialization of research in micro- and nanotechnologies.





The main objective of the Thematic Network "Materials in Medicine" is to stimulate RTD directed towards developing innovative products.


The ASSET network comprises almost 50 participants from 12 countries and includes internationally recognised specialist research groups, primarily universities, systems integrators in industry, consultancy organisations and end users representing aerospace, civil engineering, energy systems and ground transportation sectors. The network plans to evolve a set of design paradigms incorporating smart structures technology into industrial sectors.
GEARE - Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education


The Purdue University – School of Mechanical Engineering (West Lafayette, Indiana / USA) and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of KIT have established the student exchange program GEARE with the goals of the internationalization of existing traditional courses of study and development of expertise for development activities at international business locations.