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Esther Legant
Head of Project, Project Management


Oliver Kaas
Strategic Coordinatior


Tanja Maier
Relations Manager
Orestis Terzidis
Entrepreneurial Management


Ali Sunyaev
Applied Computer Science & Internet Computing


Torsten Kröger
Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab (Former KIT)

To stay up to date, please visit the KIT LINK website.

Transatlantic network for innovative high-quality research with future potential

  • stands for the exchange of knowledge and transatlantic communication between the San Francisco Bay Area and Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  • presents the German research landscape in the area of "The Future of Work".
  • forms a transatlantic partnership in cooperation with SAP for the exchange on the 17 sustainable development goals.
  • will actively involve Alumni into the areas of research, education and innovation within the network.
  • will raise awareness of the importance of knowledge transfer for creating a innovative working environment.
  • will facilitate the exchange of talent, ideas, technologies, products and investments.

Why Silicon Valley?

Home of leading technology and internet companies and global hotspot of the startup scene. Unique atmosphere to use innovative ideas for new work models within the KIT LINK network. Multipliers in science, industry, and society for exchange of experience and knowledge transfer.


KIT LINK Project Timeline
KIT LINK Research Areas
Cloud Services: Focusing on cloud computing as a service that revolutionizes IT provision models and enables concentration on major drivers of values by reducing the IT management expenditure through Cloud Services.
Robotics: Usage of robots to cooperate with human workers and perform certain tasks is increasing constantly, the challenge of Robotics consists in developing methods to guarantee safety of humans and to reach a maximum production capacity.
Digital Health: Rapid technological progress makes Digital Health an important field of work for the future and a source of great hope for patients who will benefit from health care that is more accessible than ever.
Artificial Intelligence: Achievement in the development of Artificial Intelligence that is capable of self-learning based on large data volumes to adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.
Entrepreneurship: Understanding and training of new leadership paradigms of an efficient production company, where Entrepreneurship leads to efficient exploration and implementation of innovations.
Open Knowledge: Turning data processing into a service program that provides Open Knowledge resources and services anytime and scales them in a secure and cost-efficient manner.
KIT LINK Content

Entrepreneurial Management

  • Supporting enterprising teams and individuals
  • Framing and methods for essential processes in innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Identifying and creating opportunities for responsible change

Applied Computer Science & Internet Computing

  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Services
  • Digital Health
  • Open Knowledge

Intelligent Process Automation & Robotics

  • Safe human-robot interaction
  • Transfer Learning
  • Distributed real-time systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

Network and Exchange

  • Preparing research and innovation topics between Silicon Valley and KIT
  • Creating a trustworthy consulting environment
  • Distributed real-time systems
  • Establishing an Ambassador Network
KIT LINK Preparations
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of State
  • Cooperation with the State Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Cooperation with Consulate San Francisco
  • Cooperation with Innovation Camp BW Silicon Valley
  • SAP Cooperation
  • Opening of SAP Next-Gen Chapter „International Networks“ Sept. 2018
  • High-quality event as part of a delegation trip of Prime Minister Kretschmann
  • Delegation trip of the President Prof. Dr. Wiestler of the Helmholtz Association
KIT LINK Work Packages
  • Developing an intelligent transatlantic network to foster the dialog with society, industry and academia.
  • Establishing a value-added consulting environment for cooperation, innovation and transformation in the field of “The Future of Work”.
  • Connecting like-minded people to form a German-American team of experts who will solve global issues of the future.

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