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Welcome to the International Portal of KIT!


Tongji visits KIT
President Hanselka Welcomes Colleagues from Shanghai

Since July, Professor Chen Jie is the President of Tongji University. His first visit abroad now led him to KIT.

Chilean researchers in Germany debating at KIT

Under the motto "I3: Inter-nationalization, Innovation and Inclusion in Scientific Work", the 7th Annual Meeting of the Red INVECA Network took place at KIT in mid-October.

Cluster Universities Visiting KIT

On October 25, the universities in the European Cluster Network met for their biannual meeting. Topics included Entrepreneurship in Studies and Digitalization.

Generalkonsulin Frankreichs zu Besuch
Generalkonsulin Frankreichs zu Gast am KIT

Am 29. November empfing das KIT die Generalkonsulin Frank-reichs in Baden-Württemberg, Frau Veber in Begleitung der Direktorin der Stiftung Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand Karlsruhe, Frau Rigler.

New Research School in Astrophysics

KIT and Universidad Nacional de San Martin in Buenos Aires have inaugurated the Helm-holtz International Research School for Astroparticle Physics and Enabling Technologies (HIRSAP).

KIT ZEITGEIST in Silicon Valley
KIT ZEITGEIST in Silicon Valley

On September 18, 2018, the event Enterprising for a Better Globe "Silicon Valley Insights - Trends and Developments ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Health" took place in Santa Clara.

Start your Career 2018
Guidepost for Starting a Career

Start your Career: The KIT and TechnologyRegion event informed students, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers from abroad.

Europäische Verbünde nehmen EU in die Pflicht
European Associations Obliges EU to Focus

Science networks KIT is taking part in demand to stress excellence and cooperation in the coming Framework Programme for Research & Innovation.

Salon Industrie du Futur
Trinational Meeting Place of the Future Industry 4.0

The French-German Institute for Industry of the Future of KIT and Arts et Métiers will be exhibiting at Salon Industries du Futur from 20 to 21 November 2018 at the Parc Expo Mulhouse.

CESAER Universities for Easy Ways Abroad

The future of science and technology was discussed by around 50 universities in the European science network CESAER at their annual meeting in October in Bucharest.

CESAER Sees Universities as Engines of Innovation

A position paper argues that universities are crucial players in regional innovation ecosystems and play an open and collaborative leadership role that goes beyond the more passive “Third Mission”.

Cora Francisca Jungbluth
Chance und Heraus-forderung: Chinesische Investitionen in Deutschland

Vortrag am 13. Dezember 2018 von Dr. Cora Francisca Jungbluth, Senior Expert im Programm Megatrends der Bertelsmann Stiftung, Gütersloh.

14. Humboldt-Tag
14th Humboldt Day at KIT

Information and networking were the focus of the 14th Humboldt Day in early October, to which the International Scholars and Welcome Office (IScO) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) had invited.

Baustelle in Indien
Reality Check, Architecture from present to future

The 2018 KIT-Department of Architecture yearbook questions why we build? How we build? And who it is we are building for? Each project offers a unique answer to these questions. 

Filmabend und Networking

Zum Auftakt der Traumfabrik #16 „CHINA im Kino: Interkulturelle Annäherungen, zwischen Tradition und Globalisierung" zeigen am Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018 um 18 Uhr das KIT-Projekt CuLTURE China gemeinsam mit dem ZAK den Film „Hero“ und laden zur Diskussion und Networking ein.

Environmental Institute Planned in Nanjing

On September 25, 2018, KIT and the Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) signed a joint project management agreement in Stuttgart.

"Gospel Gives Strength and Joy"

KIT employee Robert Schmitt will be singing with his choir Fetz Domino at the Inter-national Gospel Church Day in Karlsruhe from the 21st to the 23rd of September. Eoin Schnell talked to him.

3rd KIT Innovation Day
3rd KIT Innovation Day in Suzhou

On September 11, 2018, the 3rd KIT Innovation Day took place at KIT China Branch in Suzhou Industrial Park. The topic of this year's event was "Automation, Mobility Systems, Robotics".

Dr. Margot Schüller
China's Rise as a Science & Technology Power

In her talk, Dr. Margot Schüller analyzed the opportunities and challenges for cooperation between China and Germany associated with this reorientation of the economic model.

DAAD Prize for Outstanding Achievements of Foreign Students

The prize, endowed with € 1,000 per university, will be awarded to foreign students for special academic achievements and outstanding social commitment.

Exkursion nach Heidelberg
The Heart Lost in Heidelberg

In early July, international Bachelor and Master students organized an excursion to Heidelberg as part of the seminar "Welcome to Karlsruhe" of the International Students Office (IStO).

Further cooperation with the Aristotle University
Collaboration with Aristotle University

In the middle of July, a twelve-member KIT delegation visited the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The aim was to explore further potential for future collaboration in various fields.

INSA Lyon visiting
Exchange continued: INSA Lyon visiting

A six-member delegation from INSA Lyon visited KIT in mid-July to explore and discuss the develop-ment of joint teaching and research activities between both universities in the future.

More "MINTernational": Success of KIT

With an innovatice concept, KIT has won the final of the competition "MINTernational innovativ". It gets 100,000 euros to bring more internationality into the STEM subjects.

Pre-Arrival Guide
New Guidebook before the Start of the Study

Who? Where? What? The new "Pre-Arrival Guide" of the International Students Office (IStO) offers international students many useful infor-mation in compact form before starting their studies at KIT.

KIT Top in Internationalization

In the current "U-Multirank", an evaluation funded by the EU Commission, KIT ranks second in the category "Internationalization: International Academic Staff", right after TU Munich.

MINTernship: Begrüßung der Studierenden aus North Carolina
MINTernship: Students from North Carolina

Four doctoral students from the University at Charlotte begin their research internship at KIT. The International Students Office (IStO) presented information about research opportunities at KIT.

Work Shadowing Seminar
Cooperate Internationally and Help Refugees

At a Work Shadowing Seminar in mid-May, international guests from Sweden and the Netherlands learned about the approaches KIT is using to help refugees integrate into campus life.

Helmholtz-Arbeitskreis diskutiert Internationales
International Discussion of Helmholtz Working Group

The representatives of the Helmholtz Centers responsible for international cooperation met for an exchange at KIT. Among the discussed topics were for example joint activities.

Französische Regierung besucht Messestand
French Government Visits Exhibition Stand

At the end of May, KIT presented cooperation agreements with French and German institutions at Viva Technology in Paris on the topic "Industry of the future".

Delegation aus Leeds  zu Besuch am KIT
Delegation from Leeds visiting KIT

At the beginning of May, the three-person group from the University of Leeds visited KIT and met with Vice President Hirth. The focus was on the future cooperation between the two universities.

KIT welcomes international students
KIT Welcomes International Students

In the middle of April, the welcome event for international students at KIT took place - providing lots of important information about studying and living in Karlsruhe in lectures and booths.

Joint statement of the HeKKSaGOn universities

At the Rectors' Conference of the HeKKSaGOn university network in Osaka, the partner universities formulated a "Joint Statement". It describes a common strategy for future cooperation.

Uni-Messe in Peru: Absolventin erzählt vom KIT
University Fair in Peru: Graduate tells about KIT

At the end of March, a university fair took place at the German School "Max Uhle" in Arequipa, Peru. Regional science alumna Dora Guillén told the students about studying at KIT.

Michael Grätzel
Discussion with the Global Energy Prize Laureate

In 2017, Michael Grätzel was awarded the Global Energy Prize for the development of cost-effective and efficient so-lar cells. The professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne gave a talk at KIT.

Martin Thoma
Young Startup Spirit Knows No Boundaries

The EUCOR Pitch Event for French and German students took place in mid-February. Prior to the event the organ-izers talked about the quest for internationalization and the en-trepreneurial spirit of students.

European Networks Plead-ing for Higher Funding

KIT is member of Cluster, EUA and CESAER. In a joint statement, these associations and other networks discussed the European Commission's proposal for the funding programme Horizon Europe. 

Lilla Mérabet
Grand Est Region visiting KIT

In mid-March 2018, Lilla Mérabet, Vice President for Competitiveness, Digital and Sector of Excellence of the Grand Est Region, visited KIT. Representatives of the region and EDF accompanied her.

Professor Fleischer talks with China's Premier
Professor Fleischer talks with China's Premier

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang invited international represent-atives of science and industry working in China to a talk. Among them was Prof. Jürgen Fleischer from the wbk - Insti-tute for Production Technology.

More (German)
Research on Biomaterials: Cooperation with Hong Kong
Research on biomaterials with Hong Kong

A Helmholtz research group, the Fraunhofer Society and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong have signed a memoran-dum of understanding on cooperation in the field of life sciences.

Eucor als Nukleus einer europäischen Universität
Eucor, the Nucleus of a European University

The State of Baden-Württem-berg plans to develop the university network Eucor - The European Campus into a Euro-pean university. Hans-Jochen Schiewer, President of Eucor, explains what that means.

Consul General of the Netherlands visiting
Consul General of the Netherlands visiting

The Consul General of the Netherlands, Peter Vermeij, visited KIT at the end of February. The focus lay on the strengths of both countries and topics such as Urban Mobility and Smart City.

Delegation QUT
Queensland University of Technology visiting

On February 19, guests from Queensland University of Technology visited KIT. Prof. Bronwyn Harch and Shelagh Whittleston spoke with Prof. Kraft about the cooperation between the two universities.

Delegation from Brazil
Visit from Brazil: Vocational education in focus

At the end of February, a twelve-member delegation from Brazil visited KIT. The focus of the visit was on "Vocational Education 4.0" - the influence of Industry 4.0 on vocational training.

Tour Eucor
Five Cities and Three Count-ries in Five Days: Tour Eucor

The Tour Eucor will take place from 4 to 9 June 2018. Students, employees and alumni of the five universities are heading towards the Eucor cities in Germany, France and Switzerland.

World Science Café
World Science Café: Refugees and Migrants

On February 7, 2018, 6 pm, economist Afaf Rahim will talk about refugees’ labour market integration barriers and the question of the causal relation-ship between economic and social integration.

Promoting science on the European Campus

With funding from the Eucor joint project, KIT can set up a new cross-border degree program in collaboration with the German, French and Swiss partner universities on the Upper Rhine.

More (German)
Grenoble und KIT
Partners with Prospects: Grenoble and KIT

January 31st, representatives of the Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes visited KIT. Successful student exchanges and joint degree programs have been existing for more than 20 years.


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