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Dr. Klaus Rümmele
Head of Business Unit

Phone +49 721 608-48153

International Communication (ICom)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Adenauerring 4
76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

Campus South
Building 50.21

Phone +49 721 608-45680
Email: elke franzOvr4∂kit edu


International Communication (ICom)

The section illustrates and supports the manifold international activities of KIT.

The Team deals with all aspects of international communication (print, online und cross-media) and international marketing at KIT.

ICom researches and produces articles for KIT magazines and online channels. At regular intervals, the department publishes the INTL newsletter with information on funding programmes and events (subscribe).

Another important field of activity of the department is the cooperation in international networks and projects. Close contacts to KIT alumni play an important role.

Translation Service is one of the main groups of the section. Up to 2016, it belonged to the Public Relations and Marketing Department (PKM). The spectrum offered comprises interpreting and translating as well as proofreading and revisions of texts.


ITAS Yearbook
International Publications at KIT

In order to reach a broad audience, there are more and more publications in English at KIT.

Digital People: Online and International Cooperation

In the ZML Newsletter, Klaus Rümmele discusses charm and benefit of keeping in touch digitally with foreign partners.

duz Special zu Eucor – The European Campus
Duz Special: On the Way to the European University

The supplement to the journal describes research and teaching in the trinational university association Eucor.

Pascal Stephan unterwegs
Worldwide: Stories about Students Travelling

Students are on the road quite a lot: in the USA, in Israel, in Sweden. And they have many exciting things to tell.

Otmar Wiestler
Otmar D. Wiestler: "Science is International"

On, the Helmholtz President explains why he supports the March for Science.

Zertifikat Satisfaction Award
International Students highly satisfied

KIT has received the Satisfaction Award 2016 – for excellent results based on reviews from students.