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Welcome to the International Students Office of KIT!

Are you interested in studying or doing an internship at KIT?

Here you will find information and services regarding study and funding opportunities, preparation and realization of a stay at KIT, and about student life in Germany and Karlsruhe.

Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

erasmus eucor Fulbright TU9 BW-Stipendium cluster

Christmas break: closed from December 22nd until January 06th!

Applying, Enrolling & Studying at KIT


There are many good reasons why you should decide to study at KIT. We have compiled some of the most important reasons in an easy-to-read format.


The ten most important reasons

In order to make the application process as easy as possible for you, you can apply online.

KIT application portals

Enrollment for summer semester 2015 will take place at the International Students Office from March 23rd until March 31st, 2015 from 8.30 am - 11 am. Further information will be sent to you with your admission letter.



Latest News

Study in Germany
Christmas Quiz "Study in Germany" Take the Christmas quiz of "Study in Germany and win great prizes! Throughout December you can win fan packages of “Study in Germany” by answering the questions about studying in Germany.
Europa macht Schule
Europa macht Schule

You’re open to new experiences, want to learn more about Germany and would like to introduce your home country to German pupils?
Europa macht Schule“ gives you the opportunity to realise a small school project about your home country. More

Vereinigung portugiesischer Studienabsolventen in Deutschland (ASPPA)

ASPPA ist ein unabhängiger Verein ohne Erwerbszweck, dessen Ziel es ist, die Interessen von in Deutschland lebenden portugiesischen Studierenden, Forschenden und graduierten Berufstätigen zu repräsentieren, zu fördern und zu vertreten. ASPPA versteht sich als eine Plattform für Ideenaustausch und soll die Erweiterung des Kontaktnetzwerkes ihrer Mitglieder fördern.

Weitere Information.

Neuregelung: Förderung von Ausländern in BMBF-finanzierten DAAD-Programmen

Es gibt eine Neuregelung in Bezug auf die Förderungsmöglichkeit von ausländischen Staatsangehörigen in BMBF-finanzierten DAAD-Programmen:

Gefördert werden können nun auch ausländischen Studenten, die in das deutsche Hochschulsystem integriert sind.

Diese Neuregelung gilt ab 2015.

Weitere Information

TU9 MOOC "German Engineering"

Am 20. Oktober startet ein interaktiver Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) mit dem Thema "German engineering", organisiert von der TU9-Allianz.
Der 9-wöchige kostenlose Kurs bietet Einblicke in Schlüsselthemen und Inhalte diverser Ingenieurdisziplinen.
Er soll interessierten Menschen aus Deutschland und dem Ausland mit ihrer persönlichen Orientierung an einem Ingenieurs-Aufbaustudium helfen.

Anmeldungen ab jetzt (Kurssprache Englisch)


Survey of the City of Karlsruhe | Welcome Center


Dear International Students,

we are happy you chose Karlsruhe as a place to study! We hope you have an enjoyable time here even though exam period is approaching.

The City of Karlsruhe is currently in the process of developing a Welcome Center for foreign professionals in Karlsruhe and in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion. As we wish to provide the best possible service to our clients, we would like to understand the situation of international students, especially those planning a future career in Karlsruhe, better.
That is why we would like to ask you a small favour. Please complete this online survey − it should take no more than 10 minutes − and let us know your experiences.

We look forward to your responses!

German version

English version


Energy Technologies (ENTECH) is a generic master programme in the KIC InnoEnergy Master School.  It is a programme for engineering students wanting to create the energy technologies of the future.

Presentation of the ‚Ausländerbehörde‘

Here you find the presentation of the ‚Ausländerbehörde‘ (Foreign Registration Office) containing valuable information concerning your legal registration in Germany.

Cienca sem fronteiras
Science without Borders for Brasilian Applicants at KIT

If you have been awarded a scholarship by Ciênca sem Fronteiras and want to study at KIT, your contact is Maren Daniell. KIT offers placements for a temporary stay to brasilian Masters and PhD students as well as Postdocs.