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International Publications

Many disciplines at KIT cover global topics. They address both scientists worldwide as well as the international public. To better communicate scientific work to such a broad public, KIT issues more and more publications in English.

ITAS Yearbook
ITAS Yearbook 2018

ITAS Yearbook 2018

The Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) investigates scientific and technological developments with a focus on their systemic relationships and impacts. Research covers ethical, ecological, economic, social, politico-institutional, and cultural questions.


Reality Check
Reality Check. Jahrbuch 2018

Reality Check. 2018 Department of Architecture yearbook

The 2018 KIT-Department of Architecture yearbook “Reality Check” charts the architectural and artistic expertise of both its students and its teaching staff. The bilingual book is divided into three sections. Discourse, photographic essay, and Documentary.