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14th Humboldt Day at KIT

Funding, services and networking for internationally mobile researchers

Information and networking were the focus of the 14th Humboldt Day in early October, to which the International Scholars and Welcome Office (IScO) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) had invited. Young scientists and current and future hosts at KIT met with international scientists from the Humboldt network as well as experts in research and researcher mobility.

Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs, Professor Thomas Hirth, underlined the important role of mobility of researchers and the exchange and dialogue in science, highlighting in particular the many years of cooperation between KIT and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Since its foundation in 1953, 787 Humboldtians have come to KIT as well as to its two predecessor institutions, the University of Karlsruhe and the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe.

The funding instruments of the Humboldt Foundation for internationally mobile researchers and the worldwide network of Humboldtians were explained by Dr. med. Gerrit Limberg in a lecture.

At the Humboldt Lightning Talks, seven Humboldt Fellows gave brief insights into their current research at KIT in five-minute short presentations. Dr. Erik Bründermann, Humboldtian and Head of the Accelerator Research and Development Department at the Institute for Accelerator Physics and Technology (IBPT), moderated the Lightning Talks.

At Humboldt Insights, moderated by Professor Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha, head of the Center for Cultural and General Studies and member of the Humboldt Regional Group Karlsruhe-Pforzheim eV, researchers reported on their personal experiences as internationally mobile scientists.

The KIT service units for International Affairs (INTL), Research Funding (FOR) and Innovation and Relations Management (IRM) as well as the Young Investigator Network (YIN) and the Humboldt Regional Group Karlsruhe-Pforzheim eV informed about the extensive service offers for internationally mobile Scientists at KIT in lectures and personal consultations.