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"Welcome to Karlsruhe" Seminar Series: International Students on Excursion

For the fifth time, Annette Seiter, a lecturer in German as a foreign language, organized the seminar series "Welcome to Karlsruhe" of the International Students Office (IStO) at KIT. The participants were international Bachelor or Master students.

This time, their task was to plan, organize and realize an excursion to a destination in the region. Their choice fell on Heidelberg, the excursion took place in early July. Among the participants was Dinggen Dai, who reported on the trip.

It is generally known that the city of Heidelberg is a beautiful travel city because of its romantic atmosphere. This is what Goethe said: "I lost my heart in Heidelberg."

We find it exactly as he said after we made an excursion there. During this excursion we went for a walk in the castle and looked at the beautiful sights in it.

On the philosopher's path we have philosophized about different topics of life. We also enjoyed the view over the Neckar, which flows through Heidelberg.

After walking so much, we were very tired. Thus, the most relaxing program of the day was just right: We lay down on the Neckar Bank and let our heads be free. We simply enjoyed the sun.

That was our excursion through Heidelberg, a mixture of colorful culture and beautiful nature. Goethe lost his heart in Heidelberg. We have impressed Heidelberg on our hearts.

Dinggen Dai