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HeKKSaGOn enters the second phase: joint declaration of the partner universities

At the sixth Rectors' Conference of the German-Japanese network HeKKSaGOn in Osaka, the partners formulated a "Joint Statement". In it, they paved the way for a binding common strategy for the second phase of the network.

This phase begins with the next meeting in Heidelberg in September 2019. The HeKKSaGOn members - besides KIT the Universities of Göttingen, Heidelberg, Kyoto, Osaka and Tohoku - have set themselves the task of leaning their future strategy on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. In doing so, they want to provide working groups with specific recommendations for the orientation of their joint research.

Scientists from the six universities discussed "Renewable Energies & Energy Systems" with the aim of establishing a working group. For this purpose, a workshop will be held at KIT in autumn.