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Science and culture for German and Chinese adolescents

Schülerinnen und Schüler aus China

Karlsruhe and Shanghai: More than 8900 kilometers lie between the two cities with different cultures. But young people from Europe and Asia are moved by the same scientific topics: energy, mobility and information. With the "Science Exchange Program Karlsruhe - Shanghai", young people from Germany and China interested in science and technology learn more about these topics and the different cultures.

Until July 14th, 18 Chinese young people were staying in the Karlsruhe region. They were accommodated in families of the 18 participating Karlsruhe pupils of the 10th and 11th grades. From July 10th, the German and Chinese adolescents were working with KIT staff, following an official welcome from KIT's China representative, Professor Gisela Lanza. In KIT laboratories and institutes they build waterwheels and weirs, analyzed German and Chinese cola and undertook geodetic measurements on the Turmberg. In the Badisches Landesmuseum they compared Chinese and German hairpieces.

A broad supporting program, including a chain reaction workshop at Mannheim Technoseum, a sports tournament and a cooking evening with spaetzle completed the exchange. The program was organized by the Students' Academy Karlsruhe, the Bismarck-Gymnasium and the Center for Medial Learning at KIT, together with the German pupils. Supporters are the Pedagogical Exchange Service and the natec National Association. In October, the German adolescents will make their return visit in Shanghai.

Karlsruhe und Shanghai: Mehr als 8900 Kilometer liegen zwischen den beiden Städten mit unterschiedlichen Kulturen. Doch junge Menschen aus Europa und Asien bewegen die gleichen wissenschaftlichen Themen: Energie, Mobilität und Information. Im „Science Exchange Program Karlsruhe – Shanghai“ erfahren naturwissenschaftlich-technisch interessierte Jugendliche aus Deutschland und China mehr über diese Themen und die jeweils anderen Kultur.