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Zusammenarbeit zwischen NICT in Tokio und KIT
Collaboration between NICT in Tokyo and KIT

The Institute for Beam Physics and Technology (IBPT) at KIT and the Advanced ICT Research Institute at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Tokyo plan to combine research activities. The collaboration, initiated by Dr. Erik Bründermann (IBPT) and Dr. Iwao Hosako (NICT), is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Both institutions shall encourage co-operation in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Accelerator Research and Technology (ART) with consideration of lasers, topics of timing and synchronization, stability of systems, and data science.

Karlsruhe Dialogues: "Pluralistic Society and Its Enemies"
Karlsruhe Dialogues: "Pluralistic Society and Its Enemies"

Trump and Brexit, AfD and Front National, reluctance and distrust: open society is in distress - be it by nationalism, xenophobia or populism. In March, the 21st Karlsruhe Dialogues brought together experts, cultural activists and activists from many countries and cultures to discuss the future of a society in diversity.

Edit RedDot Überschrift der NewsDelegation des thailändischen Industrieministeriums zu Besuch am KIT
Delegation of Thai Ministry of Industry visits Institute of Production Science

16.02.2017: A delegation of the Thai Ministry of Industry, headed by Somchai Harnhirun (Permanent Secretary for Industry), Siriruj Chulakaratane (Director General of industrial Economics) and Decha Chatutananant (Director Policy & Strategy Bureau), visited the KIT and the Institute of Production Science (wbk) in order to exchange information and experience on the topic of Industry 4.0.

Delegation of MPEI
Visit of the Delegation of Moscow State Power Engineering Institute

On 24th and 25th of January, three representatives of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Viktor Dragunov, his deputy Prof. Alexander Volkov and Head of Energy Management Department, Dr. Alexander Krolin, visited KIT in order to get a general overview of research projects and cooperation possibilities in the field of environmentally friendly energy engineering.

2nd Workshop of the German-French Institute for Industry of the Future

On January 19, 2017, 43 participants of ENSAM and KIT met at the 2nd workshop of the German-French Institute for Industry of the Future (Institut franco-allemand pour l’industrie du futur). Four parallel sessions focused on planning joint research activities relating to production technology for future industry (production systems, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and high-performance manufacturing processes).

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Besuch der Southwest Jiaotong University
Besuch der Southwest Jiaotong University

Der Vizepräsident besuchte zusammen mit einer kleinen Delegation der Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJU)in Chengdu, China das KIT. Die Gäste hielten sich auf Einladung von Schaeffler in Deutschland. Thema des Besuchs am KIT war insbesondere die Sondierung von Kooperationsmöglichkeiten mit dem Zentrum Mobilitätssysteme, insbesondere im Bereich Eisenbahntechnologie. Nach einem Besuch bei SHARE, der gemeinsamen Forschungsstruktur des KIT und von Schaeffler, sowie am Zentrum Mobilitätssysteme wurde die Delegation von Prof. Thomas Hirth, Vizepräsident für Innovation und Internationales, empfangen.

Besuch der Chiba University, Chiba, Japan
Besuch der Chiba University, Chiba, Japan

Am 17.01. besuchte eine Delegation der Chiba University aus Japan das KIT. Die Chiba University führt derzeit im Auftrag des japanischen Wissenschaftsministeriums eine Studie zur Optimierung des Ingenieursstudiums an japanischen Universitäten durch. In diesem Zusammenhang informierten sich die Vertreter bei den Studiendekanen der Fakultäten für Maschinenbau (Prof. Carsten Proppe) und für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (Prof. Sören Hohmann) über den Aufbau und die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Ingenieursstudium in Deutschland sowie am KIT.

Start your career!
Start your career in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion
Insights and practical guidance for international (soon to be) graduates

You are an international student, intern or doctoral candidate who is about to graduate soon? Or are a postdoctoral researcher and you would like to start a career as a young professional in the German labor market?
Then visit our seminar specially tailored to the needs of future international KIT graduates to offer you an insight into the German labor market. You can also register for individual counseling.
November 17th, 6pm, KIT Campus South

Sustainable Use of Biomass
Workshop on Sustainable Use of Biomass in Chile Goal of this workshop, organized by the KIT and the Technological Development Unit, UDT, (Chile), is to discuss various aspects of sustainable use of biomass in Chile and beyond. This includes – but is not limited to - the assessment of sustainable biomass potentials, current and emerging conversion technologies as well as use concepts, in particular those dealing with the challenges regarding biomass logistics due to biomass characteristics. Besides technical discussions, the workshop offers a platform for exchange with regard to biomass use in Chile, in particular between Chilean and German researchers as well as other professionals from politics, administration and the industry.
November 25th, 2015
Concepción, Chile

KSOP Career Fair on Optical Technologies The KSOP Career Fair on Optical Technologies is an exclusive framework where companies from O&P present themselves as employer. The staff of tomorrow and the industry representatives get in direct contact talking on open positions for their bachelor or master theses as well as for traineeships or job positions.
November 10, 2015 Mehr Informationen
Karlsruhe Days of Optics & Photonics (KDOP) For two days on 24-25 November the Karlsruhe Days of Optics & Photonics allures every second year leading experts of O&P to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). During the conference each of the five research areas of KSOP is highlighted by plenary lectures. As one lecture is given by a KSOP principal investigator, the other one is hold by an invited expert in the respective field.Registration until October 31
EDUCON 2015 – Indisch-Deutsches Hochschul-Netzwerktreffen Am 6. und 7. Oktober findet in Karlsruhe die EDUCON 2015 unter dem Motto „Industry Comes closer to Academia“ statt. In Form eines zweitägigen Workshops sorgen wir für einen hochrangingen Austausch zwischen indischen Top-Universitäten und Hochschulen mit den Universitäten und Hochschulen im Gastland. Es werden ca. 60 Vertreter indischer Hochschulen erwartet.
Draft Agenda
Delegation der ECUST
ECUST Delegation On August 03, 2015, a delegation headed by Professor Dr. XU Hong from the East China University of Science and Technology visited KIT. The group gathered detailed information on state-of-the-art research at the Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT). Moreover, intensive exchange of ideas took place with experts from the Institutes of Microstructure Technology (IMT), Thermal Process Engineering (TVT), Nuclear and Engery Technologies (IKET), and Catalyses Research and Technology (IKFT) in order to identify potential for joint research projects. Furthermore, a research fellow from ECUST will conduct his post-doc studies at IMVT in 2016.
DAAD prize and scholarships for committed international students For the first time, the KIT awards the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) prize for foreign students together with the scholarships for foreign students that are actively contributing to our international society.
The DAAD prize is endowed with 1.000€ and is awarded once a year. In addition to the award, KIT will award 4 scholarships of 750€ each. The scholarships and the award are assigned to students who have an outstanding academic record and outstanding social or intercultural commitments.
Nominations until August 31st
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KIT Doktorandentage
KIT PhD Days 2015 From Tuesday, September 29, to Friday, October 2, 2015, KIT will hold its second PhD Days and therefore cordially invites all doctoral researchers at KIT as well as all students interested in doing a PhD to attend this event. The event will offer a large number of presentations and workshops about the various aspects of doing a PhD at KIT. The KIT PhD Days will be officially opened on Tuesday afternoon with a panel discussion on Publish or Perish – Sinnvoll promovieren?.
Programm und Anmeldung
National Research Foundation of Korea

On July 23, 2015, a high-ranked delegation headed by Professor Dr. Soon Hyung Hong, Director for Basic Research at the National Research Foundation of Korea, visited the KIT. The delegation’s visit aimed at exploring possibilities to enhance joint cooperation. The delegation was welcomed by Professor Dr. Volker Saile, Head of Divison V, and Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft, Vice President-elect for Research. The initial discussion on further cooperation opportunities was followed by lab tours and visits to the wbk Institute of Production Science, the Institute of Applied Materials – Materials and Biomechanics, the Institute of Fluid Machinery, and to the Institute for Pulsed Power and Microwave Technology.

IIT Mandi
IIT Mandi Delegation

On July 15, 2015, the president of the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (IIT), Prof. Dr. Timothy Gonsalves, visited the KIT on the occasion of a networking workshop of the German TU 9 universities with IIT Mandi. After a first visit in November last year to initialize cooperation, two Indian research fellows have arrived in Karlsruhe for joint research with their KIT colleagues. During the event, two research fellows gave an insight into their research projects as well as into their experiences regarding the cooperation and professors from TU 9 universities reported about their collaboration projects with IIT Mandi. The networking day was concluded by a joint visit to the KIT Bioliq installation at Campus North.

15 Jahre International Department
15 Years of Education Training Courses in English for Engineers at the International Department of KIT KIT's International Department has been offering close-to-industry internationally oriented programs since 2000 and is therefore celebrating its 15th anniversary. It is the interface between research, education, and industry and is teaching students knowledge needed to position themselves on the global market and to be successful in industry, science, and the society. Mehr
Bust of Kenjiro Takayanagi, who transmitted the katakana letter ? by all-electronic means with Braun’s cathode ray tube (Braunsche Röhre). The bust is located in front of the Research Institute of Electronics (RIE) at the Hamamatsu Campus of Shizuoka Univ
Cooperating with Japan

KIT-IPS/ANKA - Shizuoka University
Dr. Erik Bründermann, Humboldt Fellow and head of the Accelerator Research department at IPS of the ANKA Synchrotron Radiation Facility has recently been elected as "Honorable Guest Professor of Shizuoka University" for the fourth time in a row. KIT and Shizuoka University are both home of an IEEE Milestone!
Currently the researchers at Shizuoka University and KIT-IPS cooperate to develop terahertz cameras for imaging that use near-field effects.

Delegation Pennsylvania State University The President of the Pennsylvania State University, Prof. Eric Barron and the Vice Provost for Global Affairs prof. Michael Adewumi visited KIT on June 16th. The aim of the visit consisted in exploring possibilities to increase cooperation between KIT and PSU and discuss the development of research projects. Until now, the main contact exists through the students exchange with the Engineering School of PSU. Besides meetings with academic and administrative staff, the delegation visited the Hydrogen facilities presented by Dr. Thomas Jordan(IKET).
Karlsruher Stadtgeburtstag 2015
I'll show you my Karlsruhe! The project 'I’ll show you my Karlsruhe' is available as part of this year's celebrations of Karlsruhe's 300th birthday and offers the possibility of international exchange and intercultural encounters. International new residents and guests can get to know and experience their new city in a special way: by joining outings with citizens of Karlsruhe, who like to show them their favorite places in the fan-shaped city. Mehr
Alumnitreffen im Juni
Alumni Meeting on June 4th On 4 June, the KIT Alumni met in the Bay Area. The KIT Alumni Club Silicon Valley invited to the regulars' table at the Duke, which was attended by ten KIT Alumni in friendly company. The men would surely be happy about female enhancement by an Alumna the next time..
Warwick University
WMG Centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult, Warwick University On May 7th a delegation from WMG of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult at Warwick University visited KIT with the purpose of getting to know the current research topics in energy storage (batteries), vehicle propulsion and vehicle lightweighting at KIT. Scientists from the IPEK, wbk, FAST and ETI presented their projects and discussed possible ways of collaboration in these areas of interest.
Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung
Humboldt Research Award Professor Sharvan Kumar, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA, has made sustained, significant contributions, through research and education in the field of physical metallurgy, to enhance our understanding of the fundamentals of deformation response of metals, alloys and intermetallic compounds intended for current and future technological applications. Through this Humboldt Award, he will collaborate with scientists at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf to examine the mechanical behavior of Iron aluminides, High strength Steels and High Entropy Alloys.
Humboldt Award
7. Deutsch-Brasilianisches Symposium für Nachhaltige Entwicklung
7. Deutsch-Brasilianisches Symposium für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Das 7. Deutsch-Brasilianische Symposium für Nachhaltige Entwicklung wird an der Universität Heidelberg stattfinden. Das Programm besteht aus Fachvorträgen und Posterpräsentationen, einem Projekt- und Kooperationsforum sowie einem wissenschaftlichen Exkursionsprogramm.

4.10. - 10.10.2015


Der Botschaftsrat zu Besuch am KIT
Counselor of Embassy at KIT anniversary celebration On the occasion of KIT’s Annual Reception Dr. ZHAO Qinghua, Counselor of Embassy for Science and Technology, and 1st Secretary Mr. XIE Zuoqian visited KIT and met stakeholders of the China Initiative. Both diplomats were not only interested in the recently launched project "Strategic partnerships for joint innovations - KIT in Jiangsu Province and Metropolitan Region Shanghai" but also offered support for the cooperation and activities in China.
Delegationsbesuch der UdeC
UdeC visiting KIT A high-level delegation from the University of Concepción, Chile, visited KIT on April 16th. UdeC is a long-standing partner of KIT in Chile and the aim of the visit was to explore the possibilities to increase research cooperation and find new subjects to develop common academic projects with a special focus on energy. As the UdeC is planning on developing a Center of Energy, rector Sergio Lavanchy the visit included information on energy-related topics at KIT. Furthermore ongoing and future cooperation projects between the two universities were being discussed.
Zu Besuch in China
President Hanselka visiting partners in China From April 13 to 15 introductory meetings took place between Prof. Hanselka and his counterparts of KIT’s four Chinese partner universities in order to discuss and support the implementation of the concept "Strategic Partnerships for Joint Innovations - KIT in Jiangsu and Greater Shanghai" at presidential level.
Dr. HE Hong, director of the Helmholtz Office in Beijing, accompanied the president during his visiting tour at the Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NUST), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Soochow University (SUDA) and Tongji University Shanghai (TUS). A visit to the KIT branch in Suzhou and meetings with other stakeholders from industry and the Provincial Government accompanied the program.
Besuch der Soochow University
International Innovation Network with Soochow University On March 19, a science delegation of Soochow University (SUDA), led by Prof. Gao Zulin, Vice Chairman of Soochow University Council and Dean of the Coolege of Applied Technology, visited KIT. Subject of the visit was to deepen and broaden the existing cooperation between the SUDA and KIT in the context of the establishment of the Strategic Partnership, particularly in the areas of automation and production technology. The delegation discussed the strategic partnership network to establish a joint training program with the Jiangsu Province and the metropolitan area of Shanghai, in which next to Soochow University three other Chinese partner universities of KIT shall be included. In addition to detailed discussions in the wbk Institute, the delegation was welcomed for lunch from Head of Department Prof. h.c. Dr. Joachim Knebel.
Lycee Couffignal
Workshop - Lycée Couffignal, Straßburg

Are you studying Mechanical Engineering at KIT (semester 1-5) and are interested in seeing what the Mechanical Engineering studies are like in France?
Then come visit Strasbourg with us, on May 29th, 2015!
Together with the Lycée Couffignal in Strasbourg, KIT-DeFI is organizing a German-French day.

More Information and Registration

Tohoku University in Sendai (Japan) - 4th HeKKSaGOn Presidential Conference

"Building avenues for the creation of new knowledge and values"
KIT ist Teil des dt.-jap. Netzwerkes und beteiligt sich an mehreren interdisziplinären HeKKSaGOn-Arbeitsgruppen, die sich zur gleichen Zeit für Workshops an der Tohoku Universität treffen.
Wenn Sie sich für eine Workshop-Teilnahme interessieren oder Themenvorschläge für neue Arbeitsgruppen einbringen möchten, können Sie sich an Frau Dr. Irene Huber wenden.

16. – 17. April 2015

Besuch aus Guayaquil
Student visit from the German School in Guayaquil A group of students from the German School in Guayaquil visited the KIT on the 6th of March. The students are currently in Germany for an internship and took the opportunity to visit Karlsruhe and learn more about the possibilities to study at KIT. Besides listening to a presentation about the study programs and requirements, Ms. Goll answered their questions about the Studienkolleg. They also enjoyed a guided tour around Campus South and had the possibilities to meet students from Ecuador who currently study here and know more about their student’s life. Maybe we’ll meet again next year...
Prof. Gisela Lanza and Jens Bürgin of wbk Institute of Production Science with five exchange students from Soochow University
Student Exchange Program for Education in the Field of International Factory Planning Five Soochow University students have spent an exchange visit at wbk Institute of Production Science. They participated together with KIT students in a factory planning case study. In this setting, they applied solutions in the field of factory layout and assembly planning in order to solve the case study, but they also experienced collaboration within an international team. Moreover, the practical applicability of the case study results were examined by field trips to medium-sized companies in Germany. „Studierendenaustauschprogramm zur Ausbildung im Fachgebiet der internationalen Fabrikplanung“ is a project in the framework of the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for university students - BWS plus, a program of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.
Tour Eucor
Tour Eucor 2015 Auch 2015 findet wieder die tourEUCOR statt, bei der die fünf Eucor-Städte Karlsruhe, Straßburg, Mulhouse, Basel und Freiburg angefahren werden. Die während der Fahrradtour zurückgelegten Kilometer sind für die Teilnehmer in jedem Jahr ein Erlebnis das verbindet. Leistungsbezogene Strecken- und Gruppenauswahl ermöglichen für den Freizeitradler bis zum Radrennfahrer das richtige Anforderungsprofil. So bietet die Tour EUCOR die ideale Möglichkeit mal über Ländergrenzen zu schauen und Mitglieder anderer Universitäten in einem lockeren Rahmen kennen zu lernen. Homepage
IIT Mandi
Cooperations with IIT Mandi As a result of the visit of the Director of IIT Mandi, Professor Timothy Gonsalves in November 2014 as part of the project “Cooperation of TU 9 Universities with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Mandi)” two research cooperation proposals of the BMBF have been granted. Professor Türk from the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics and Refrigeration will start a co-operation with Dr. Prem Siril in the field of nanocrystallization. In May Dr. Siril will visit KIT for a three month research project.
Professor Powell of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry will start a cooperation with Dr. Rik Koner in Metal Organic and Covalent Organic Frameworks In May Dr. Koner will also start her research project at KIT.
Persistent visiting KIT On Friday, February 20, Dr. Anand Deshpande, founder and CEO of the Indian IT company Persistent Systems, visited the KIT. During the discussions with scientists from the Steinbuch Centre for Computing, Institute of Data Processing and Electronics and the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation, exploring potential cooperation opportunities was the main topic of the meeting. The identified collaboration opportunities range from PhD scholarships through research collaboration in the areas of big data, data imaging and digital transformation to an "Industry-on-Campus Project", and cooperation in the field of co-evolutionary entrepreneurship. At the end of the nearly two-hour flying visit of the Indian entrepreneur, all participants were confident in the future to establish a partnership between Persistent and KIT in several areas.
Scientific organizations in Germany support international exchange and tolerance In a joint statement, the members of the "Alliance of German Science Organisations" gave voice to their belief that Germany needs to be open, tolerant and internationally oriented. Beyond the economic necessity of immigration, international exchange and cooperation across borders is beneficial for top quality research and higher education and essential for sustainable success in a globalized world. Currently, some 300,000 international students are in Germany. More than 56,000 foreign scientists funded by the German Science Organisations contribute their experience, expertise and ideas in German research institutions and universities. A welcoming atmosphere and support throughout their stay in Germany is key for keeping Germany attractive and a cosmopolitan place.
FTU International Courses 2015 FTU offers several courses, seminars, and practical laboratory sessions for international scientists and students.

International Management Training Courses and Workshops

CLUSTER General Assembly The European CLUSTER network, i.e. the Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research, gathered for its General Assembly in Lisbon on February 12/13 to discuss current joint activities and to prepare for the upcoming 25th Anniversary Symposium "The Future of Engineering Education". Vice President Alexander Wanner and Irene Huber from KIT International Affairs represented KIT.
In addition, the CLUSTER "Grants and Application Support Team" met to discuss joint applications under ERASMUS+ and Yulia Kokott and Katrin Klink from PEBA Diversity Management hosted a workshop on Gender Balance.
Delegation der Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Vom 1.-14.2. hatte das KIT Besuch einer Delegation der Partneruniversität UFSC, Florianópolis, Brasilien. Im Rahmen der langjährigen Zusammenarbeit des Instituts für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung (IPF) mit Prof. Carlos Loch der Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen wird derzeit eine Doktorandin gemeinsam betreut, der Besuch diente außerdem dazu, aktuelle Projekte vorzustellen und weitere Kooperationsmöglichkeiten auszuloten. Am 12.2. fand ein gemeinsames Mittagessen mit INTL statt, um über die geplante Delegationsreise mit KIT-Wissenschaftlern an die UFSC im Juli und Alumniaktivitäten zu diskutieren.
wbk Frühjahrstagung: Wertschöpfung in China Die diesjährige Frühjahrstagung des wbk wird Lösungen für Herausforderungen entlang des Wertschöpfungsprozesses in China aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln der Forschung und Industrie zu diskutieren. Sie wird einen Einblick in aktuelle Entwicklungen und Erfahrungen von deutschen Unternehmen in China sowie in gegenwärtige Forschungsarbeiten in Zusammenarbeit mit den Außenstellen Suzhou und Shanghai.
Flyer Webseite
Delegation Kyoto University The President of the Kyoto University, Prof. Dr. Juichi Yamagiwa, visited with his high-level delegation KIT February 4th in order to explore options for further enhancement and intensification of collaboration between both universities. Both universities already cooperate in the context of the German-Japanese HeKKSaGOn network. Possible areas of future cooperation could be joint symposia and workshops in the fields of mathematics, physics or chemistry, as well as an intensified students exchange.
KIT President Hanselka welcomed the Kyoto University delegation. Afterwards, both presidents exchanged ideas about new impulses for future cooperation.
German-French Energy Future – Workshop, Paris

Students from École de Mines, Paris and students from KIT and TU Munich are organizing a workshop for the first time. In the end of august, students have the chance to debate 4 days about the energy future of Germany and France.

Concept of the workshop
More information

KIT Doppelerfolg
Doppelerfolg für KIT-Anträge

Die Akteure der KIT-China-Initiative und des thematischen Netzwerkes InterACT haben 2 von maximal 2 Anträgen im Rahmen der DAAD-Förderbekanntmachung "Strategische Partnerschaften und thematische Netzwerke" erfolgreich positioniert und damit für die kommenden 4 Jahre fast 2 Millionen Euro für ihre Kooperationen eingeworben.
Die Anträge „Strategische Partnerschaften für gemeinsame Innovationen ‐ KIT in der Provinz Jiangsu und dem Großraum Shanghai“ und „Continuous Learning in International Collaborative Studies“ haben den Zuschlag bekommen.

Helmholtz Gesellschaft
KIT-Erfolg bei Auswahl Helmholtz International Fellow Award Die Zusammenarbeit mit den weltweit Besten ist ein wesentliches Ziel der internationalen Aktivitäten der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft. Zu diesem Zweck hat die Organisation den Helmholtz International Fellow Award etabliert. Die Kriterien der Auswahl waren neben der wissenschaftlichen Qualität, Karrierestadium (senior scientist), Erfahrungen im Management, bereits bestehende Kooperationen mit dem Helmholtz Zentrum, im Antrag dargestellte Vorstellungen zur Ausgestaltung des Preises, die Motivation für die Nominierung durch das Zentrum sowie der potentielle Beitrag zur Sichtbarkeit der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft.
Liste der ausgewählten Preisträger
Eine neue Ausschreibung folgt im Januar 2015.
Alumni Seminar
Alumniseminar - Innovation at KIT Twenty former students and researchers from all over the world gathered in Karlsruhe from Dec 3-5 to attend a seminar on “Innovation at KIT”. The alumni not only got information on different innovative initiatives at KIT and in Karlsruhe but were also able to try out their innovative spirit within a workshop on Design Thinking. In the evenings, the alumni had the opportunity to meet with students from their home country and with scientists currently working in their field of interest at KIT.
Dialog Science
Workshop: Grenzüberschreitendes Promovieren als Karriereoption Im Rahmen des „Dialog Science 2014“ fand am 6. November ein Workshop zum Thema „Grenzüber- schreitendes Promovieren“ statt.
Die über 30 Teilnehmer aus Frankreich, der Schweiz und Deutschland erhielten sowohl einen Überblick über die Doktorandenausbildung in den drei Ländern als auch Informationen zur grenzüberschreitenden Promotion und Finan- zierungsmöglichkeiten. Erfahrungsberichte sowie eine Podiumsdiskussion gaben den Teilnehmern einen konkreten und authentischen Einblick in die verschiedenen Aspekte einer binationalen Promotion, der sogenannten „thèse en cotutelle“, und verdeutlichten die administrativen Herausforderungen und den wissenschaftliche Mehrwert, den man aus einer binationalen Promotion ziehen kann.
Delegation des IIT Mandi
Delegation IIT Mandi On November 7, 2014, the president of the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Prof. Dr. Timothy Gonsalves, visited together with Dr. Prem Felix Siril, Dean for International Affairs, the KIT. They aimed at intensifying the collaboration between both our institutions which, so far, cooperate in the context of a MoU between IIT Mandi and the TU9 consortium. At an information exchange with young scientists from KIT manifold possibilities of cooperation were fruitfully discussed. Links for further partnership could be in the fields of mechanical engineering; civil engineering; communication sciences; renewable energies or image, speech and video processing.
Delegation der Taiwan Tech
Delegation Taiwan Tech A high-level delegation from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, led by vice-president Prof. Dr. Bernard Jiang, visited KIT on November 3rd in order to explore options for collaboration in the fields of semi-conductor research, automation and entrepreneurship. Application-oriented teaching, excellent links to industry and the new “industrial campus” to be at Taiwan Tech, one of Taiwan's best universities, offer ideal conditions for possible cooperation. Vice-president Jiang was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Heng, Dean of Research and Development and Director of the Industry Service Centre, and by Prof. Dr. Shiou, Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Opto-mechatronics Technology Centre.
US Delegation
Delegation US Administrators A delegation of university administrators from the US visited KIT on October 24th. The delegation of 17 persons was particularly interested in the unique structure of KIT after the merger of a university with a research center belonging to the Helmholtz association. The visit had been organized in the frame of the “Baden-Württemberg Seminar”, an event organized every year for the representatives of the universities involved in the Baden Württemberg exchange program. The visiting programs aims at giving an insight of the German structure of higher education institutions and research. German students are very interested in a study or research exchange with North America, so the development of the Baden-Württemberg exchange programs with North American states is really important.
Delegation Südafrika
Delegation from South Afrika A delegation of representatives of South African Embassies, including the ambassadors of Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and Mauritius, visited KIT last Thursday, Oct. 16t. After an introduction to KIT and the merging process, the delegation visited the large scale research projects bioliq and BRENDA related to energy, energy efficiency research. Another aspect of interest was the cooperation of research and industry in research. First contacts concerning water research have been established between KIT researchers and Botswana.
Delegation from Changzhou A high-level delegation from Changzhou (located in Jiangsu, partner province of Baden-Württemberg) visited KIT on October 16, to get an insight in KIT's research field Anthropomatics & Robotics and the innovation strategy of KIT. Changzhou seeks opportunities for cooperation & exchange.
Fortschreibung der BMBF-Internationalisierungsstrategie

Der am 2.10. veröffentlichte BMBF-Aktionsplan „Internationale Kooperation“ informiert, wie das BMBF seine internationale Zusammenarbeit in den kommenden Jahren gestalten will. HRK-Präsident Horst Hippler betonte, dass der Aktionsplan wichtige Zukunftsthemen abdecke, er müsse jedoch die zentrale Rolle der Hochschulen als Motoren der Internationalisierung von Bildung und Forschung stärker berücksichtigten und vor allem mit einer soliden Grundfinanzierung der Hochschulen unterstützt werden.

International Cooperation action plan Internationale Kooperation Mehr


Delegationsbesuch der Dalian University of Technology Am 18. und 19. September besucht eine hochrangige Delegation der Dalian University of Technology (DUT) unter der Leitung des Präsidenten Prof. Dongming Guo das KIT. Das KIT ist mit der DUT bereits über das SE3P Netzwerk verbunden. Ziel des Besuchs ist es, gemeinsame Forschungsgebiete auszuloten und die Kooperation zwischen den beiden Universitäten zu vertiefen. Neben einem Gespräch mit dem Präsidium stehen Termine mit interessierten Wissenschaftlern des KIT sowie Laborbesuche auf dem Besuchsprogramm. Die DUT gilt als eine der besten technischen Universitäten in China und wird von der dortigen Regierung über die Projekte „985“ und „211“ national gefördert. About DUT
Kit - Alumni Seminar
KIT Alumni Expertenseminar, Mexiko Stadt

Vom 31.8-3.9 fand das erste KIT Alumniseminar zum Thema "Climate,Water,Infrastructure: Sustainable Urban Development"in Mexiko Stadt statt. Dreißig Alumni deutscher Institutionen, KIT-Wissenschaftler und mexikanische Experten tauschten aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse zum Thema aus und verglichen die Situation der Megacities in Mexiko und Lateinamerika mit der Realität in Deutschland. Zum Abschluss des Seminars besichtigten die Teilnehmer die von KIT und der lokalen Universidad Autónoma de México gemeinsam betriebene Messstation in Altzomoni im Izta-Popo National Park, die Emissionen aus Mexiko Stadt und des Vulkans Popocatepetl misst.

31. August - 03. September 2014

Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies

Das gemeinsam von DAAD und HRK entwickelte DIES-Programm bietet mit Trainingskursen, Dialogveranstaltungen, Projekten und Partnerschaften ein Bündel von Maßnahmen an, mit dem Hochschulen in Entwicklungsländern ihre Ausbildungsgänge nach internationalen Qualitätsstandards ausrichten, ihre Forschungskapazitäten ausbauen und ihre Organisationsstrukturen konkurrenzfähig entwickeln können.

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Network for science
Japans neue Innovationsstrategie startet 2014 mit ersten Maßnahmen

In der Implementierungsphase sind drei Programme vorgesehen: 335 Milliarden Yen fließen 2014 aus dem Landeshaushalt in den „Action Plan for S&T Priority Measures“ und 52 Milliarden Yen in das „Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program“ (SIP). Der Nachtragshaushalt 2013 sieht 55 Milliarden Yen für das Programm „Impulsing Paradigm Change through disruptive Technologies“ (ImPACT) vor.
Die Programme zielen auf einen integrierten Prozess von Grundlagenforschung bis hin zur Kommerzialisierung und die Zusammenführung aller beteiligten Akteure. Schwerpunktthemen sind Energiesysteme, die alternde Bevölkerung, Infrastruktur, lokale Ressourcen & Regionen, sowie die Folgen des verheerenden 2011 Tōhoku Erdbebens und Tsunami.

IIT Mandi
IIT Mandi Projekt

Im Rahmen der Partnerschaft zwischen TU9-Universitäten und dem Indian Institute of Technology in Mandi haben deutsche und indische Professor/innen sowie Postdocs die Möglichkeit, wechselseitig am IIT Mandi oder einer beteiligten TU9-Universität an gemeinsam definierten Forschungsthemen zu arbeiten.
Die Mobilitätskosten und Gastaufenthalte werden bis zu 3 Monate gefördert.

01.01.2014 bis 31.12.2017

Research Areas

Besuch des Vizepräsidenten der Universität UTEC, Peru Am Montag, den 14. Juli besuchte der Vizepräsident der Universität UTEC, Herr Mario Rivera aus Lima, Peru das KIT. Ziel des Besuchs war es, Kooperationsmöglichkeiten zwischen dem KIT und der aufstrebenden jungen Universität auszuloten. UTEC ist aus der durch das Land Baden-Württemberg geförderten Fachhochschule TECSUP hervorgegangen, die zum Ziel hat, junge Ingenieure in Peru praxisrelevant auszubilden.
Russian Delegation from Yekaterinburg visits KIT A Russian delegation from the Ural Federal University (UrFU) visited KIT from June 30 to July 1 on the invitation of Prof. Dr. Heinz Wörn, Head of Intelligent Process Control and Robotics research lab at the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics. More
Professor Wolfgang Seemann erhält "Palmes Académiques" Damit würdigt die Französische Republik seine großen Verdienste um die deutsch-französische Zusammenarbeit im universitären Bereich. More (in German only)
EU-Ranking bestätigt hervorragende Forschung am KIT

Das neue Hochschulranking der EU, U-Multirank , ordnet das KIT in den Kategorien Forschung und Wissenstransfer mit vielen Indikatoren in die höchste Stufe ein. So unterstreichen etwa die weit überdurchschnittliche Zahl der wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen, der Post-docs und das Drittmittelaufkommen die Forschungsstärke des KIT. Viele Patente, Industriekooperationen und Spin-offs belegen im Ranking, dass das KIT Forschungswissen in die Gesellschaft transferiert. 

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ERASMUS+ wurde vom europäischen Parlament verabschiedet!

ERASMUS+ kommt!

Ab dem akademischen Jahr 2014/15 gibt es wesentliche Änderungen bei ERASMUS.

WICHTIG: nur noch eine Bewerbungsrunde für das gesamte akademische Jahr mit gesicherter Mobiliätsbeihilfe!

Deadline: 1. März 2014 im IStO

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die internen Bewerbungsfristen der Fakultäten mit Ausnahme der Wiwis i.d.R. 4-6 Wochen früher liegen.

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Ergebnis 2. Ausschreibungsrunde Helmholtz-CAS Joint Research Groups

Mit 21 eingereichten Anträgen hatte auch die zweite Ausschreibung der „Helmholtz-CAS Joint Research Groups“ (HCJRG) im Rahmen des Impuls- und Vernetzungsfonds eine positive Resonanz gefunden.

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