Internship Search

When searching for an internship abroad, there are a lot of places to search.

  • On the homepages of many companies you will find internships.
  • Try a unsolicited application in which you contact the company directly.
  • Portal by the EU Commission


If you would like to complete your internship outside Europe, there are different possibilities for funding, depending on wheather your field of study is more economically oriented or more oriented towards science and technology:

  • If you are a student of a business-oriented course, e.g. You can contact the student group AIESEC, which offers non-financial support, but has a comprehensive internship database and offers support before, during and after the internship.
  • If your subject is more technical and scientific, and if you are interested in a research internship during the semester breaks, you have the possibility to apply for a maximum of three internships with financial support at RISE
  • However, if you are looking for a science-oriented business internship, you can apply for internships offered at IAESTE, including financial grants. 
  • If, however, you have already found an internship place outside the European region, you should apply for a financial grant at PROMOS
  • The Reinhardt Frank Foundation and the Energy Production & Infrastructure Center (EPIC) of the UNCC finance 6-month research placements (cost of living and travel expenses) at the EPIC in North Carolina, USA. The offer is valid for KIT students from the fields of mechanical engineering, business engineering, energy, electrical and information technology who have studied at least 4 semesters: more information