When is the right time for an internship?


  • An internship is usually only available from the third semester onwards, because at this point you can claim expertise in the field of your particular subject area.
  • Some companies expect you to have earned to a pre-degree certificate or a bachelor’s degree already.
  • It is advisable to complete an internship in your home country first, to get a feel for the work routine and etiquette.


How long should an internship last?


  • Internships can last from 6 weeks to 6 months.
  • It is true that the longer the training, the more interesting the areas of responsibilities that will be assigned to you will become.


Which countries?


Basically, an internship can take place anywhere in the world. Many students choose a country whose language they have already mastered.


When should you start preparing?


The practical preparation should start early, i.e. at least 12 months before the scheduled departure.