CLUSTER is short for Cooperation Link between Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research. Under this name, 12 European Institutes of Technology have joined forces. A total of 3,000 professors, 11,000 academic staff, 14,000 students and more than 140,000 students are united in the European University of Science and Technology. 2011 celebrates its 20th Consortium Birthday. Objectives of the consortium are to promote the academic and scientific exchange between the members, to actively promote the progress of teaching, research and innovation and to develop the engineering education of the future.

In the future, CLUSTER wants to become the leading network of advanced technological universities and to distinguish itself as a key player in the “Knowledge and Innovation Communities” in Europe.

Special emphasis is given to improving the mobility between partner universities for all its members (students, graduate students, university teachers and researchers, technical staff and management) and the improvement of mutual information, the development of reception facilities and the organization of meetings with scientific, technical and educational objectives.

CLUSTER is the name given to a consortium of universities, there is no separate “CLUSTER-Exchange Program”.

Naturally, students who wish to stay at the participating universities can look within the framework of the ERASMUS program to see what financial support is available.

For more information on CLUSTER, see the pages of the consortium.