The ERASMUS SMS Program (for study abroad students) provides students of universities participating in this program the opportunity to study at a European partner university in order to expand their social and cultural skills. At this partner university these students will learn about the academic system of a foreign university and benefit from their teaching and learning methods.

The prerequisite to this program is that both universities must be part of the EU University Charter and have concluded department-specific cooperation agreement. The following European countries are participating in ERASMUS: The 27 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Croatia and Switzerland.

This agreement usually includes:

  • Facilitation of application and admission to the partner university
  • Exemption of study and examination fees at the partner university
  • Financial support to support additional costs of the stay abroad (mobility allowance)
  • Organizational support (registration, accommodation) and academic support
  • To offer a language course prior to enrollment
  • Recognition of studies abroad performance

On the Student Charter you will find more information on the program.

For additional information and guidance to the Erasmus mobility scheme, see the International Students Office of KIT and the German Academic Exchange Service.

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