International Affairs

Residency permit

Most students from non-EU countries(except, e.g. US and some other countries) will have to obtain a visa from the German embassy or consulate in their home country.

After your arrival in Germany, you should apply for a residence permit for studying purposes at the Foreigners Registration Office, if the visa in your passport is not valid for the whole duration of your stay or if you were able to enter without a visa. For this, you must arrange an appointment either by phone or e-mail. 

For the application at the Foreigners Registration Office, you should take the following documents:

  • a biometric passport picture
  • approval of registration with the City
  • certificate of health insurance
  • letter of admission
  • rental contract
  • valid passport
  • proof of subsistence in German
    (scholarship evidence, notarized financial certificate, including a certificate of sufficient financial means for the return flight; the requirement is about 853,- EUR per month)
  • fees (for a residence permit for 12 months: approx.-100€)

When your residence permit expires, you must apply for extension/renewal in time.

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