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It is not easy to find the appropriate accommodation in Karlsruhe, which means that you should think about it at an early stage during your planning. There is a great shortage of housing especially at the beginning of the winter semester. Most of the students in Karlsruhe live either in one of the many student residences or share a flat with somebody. Here you can find an unofficial rent guide as there isn't an official one for Karlsruhe.

In addition, we have assembled a list of the most popular abbreviations in rent advertisements for you.

Below you can find a range of possible accommodation in Karlsruhe.


Student Union Residences

Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe First of all, foreign students should contact the Student Union when apartment and room hunting. It offers inexpensive rooms in its residences. However, there are only a limited number of places available and the waiting lists are long, especially at the beginning of the semester. Applications can be submitted up to six months before your potential moving date.

Here you can find a listing of all Student Union Residences with description.

You can complete the application for housing online.


Student residences from other agencies

There are other agencies offering rooms in residences as well.

Here you will find a list with the contact details of the residences offered by other agencies.


Sharing an apartment (Wohngemeinschaften – WG)

A huge number of students prefer sharing a flat. Lots of offers can be found on the notice boards at KIT or the Student Union. The prices depend on room size and whether it is furnished. The monthly rent excluding heating varies between 170 and 300€ (as of February 2013).

It can be difficult to find low-priced offers downtown. However, in the outer districts of the city and suburbs you should be able to find cheaper accommodation.

You can find more information by a web search for "wg gesucht", "studenten wg" or "wohngemeinschaft".


Private accommodation

If you prefer to live alone, you can look for offers, for example, in the following newspapers:

  • “Badische Neuste Nachrichten (BNN)” (daily newspaper, on Saturday with rent advertisements)
  • “Sperrmüll” (published every Thursday)
  • “Karlsruher Kurier” (published once a week)

Another option is to contact a real estate agent, but this can be expensive because real estate agencies ask for fees that are equivalent to up to three months rent.


Youth hostel

If you are in Karlsruhe for the first time and you haven't found a suitable accommodation yet, the youth hostel is the ideal base camp for a couple of days. It is located on Moltkestr., near the University of Applied Sciences, around 15 minutes on foot from KIT Campus South.

A stay in the youth hostel is only possible with a valid youth hostel ID (Jugendherbergsausweis) from a German or foreign youth hostel association. Particularly at the beginning of the semester, it is strongly advisable to book before you arrive by phone or over the Internet.

Until the age of 26, a single night costs 22,20€ (as of August 2017).

Jugendherberge Karlsruhe
Moltkestraße 24
76133 Karlsruhe
Tel: 0721 / 28248
Fax: 0721 / 27647
E-Mail: info(at)