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International Students Office (IStO)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Adenauerring 2
76131 Karlsruhe

Campus South
Bldg.: 50.20, Room 106

Phone +49 721 608-44911
Fax +49 721 608-44907
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Opening hours Secretary
Mo.-Fr. 9 am-12 am
Closed on Tuesday

Please also note the office hours of our individual employees

Average cost of living in Karlsruhe

Here you can find a synopsis of the average cost of living for a student in Karlsruhe (November 2017, source/second source).

For German standard of living, Karlsruhe is not particularly costly nor is it very cheap.

As a student you should be on the look-out for student discounts to save money. Often these are advertised at the checkout or in the windows of shops and cafes. They are granted upon presentation of a student ID card.



 General expenses per month
Rent, additional expenses included (students residence / shared flat):

 355 € 


 168 € 

 Clothes, linen, personal hygiene:

 42 € 

 Currentexpenditure on a car:

 128,06 € 

 Public Transport:

 33,94 € 

 Health insurance, medical expenses, medication:

 89 € 

 Phone, Internet, radio and television license fees:

31 € 

 Study supplies:

 24 € 

 Total Cost of living (only car):

837,06 € 

 Total cost of living (only public transport):

 742,94 € 

 Total cost of living (car + public transport):

871 € 


 Food and Drink
 Mensa meal:

     2,90 € 

 Breadrollat a bakery:

 0,43 € 

 1 liter UHT milk at discounters:

 0,61 € 

 Cup of coffee at the university cafeteria:

 1,33 € 

 Cup of coffee at a cafe in the city center:

 2,21 € 

 Pils (type of pale lager) 0.5 at a pub in the city center:

 2,72 € 

 Caipirinha or a Cuba Libreat a cocktail bar:

 5,77 € 

 Pizza Margherita at a pizzeria:

4,69 € 


 3,58 € 

 Small french fries to-go:  

 2,26 € 


 Leisure and Sport
 Gymmembership (month)

          29,99 € 

 Entrance fee to the outdoor swimming pool:

3,79 € 

 Entrance fee to the indoor swimming pool:

 4,61 € 

 Entrance fee to the tanning salon (ten minutes at lowest setting):

 5,67 € 


 Culture and Entertainment
 Movie ticket (cheapest day, cheapest category):

          5,10 € 

 Ticket for a performance at the Municipal Theatre (best day, lowest category):
 günstigste Kategorie):

 8,90 € 

 Entrance at a student party at the university:

 4,69 € 

 Entrance for a student disco in the city (possibly including minimum consumption):

 5,33 € 

 Entrance for a major disco (possibly including minimum consumption):

 7,25 €