Text 16328

To access the system, you need to activate your KIT account, which you will receive shortly after your enrollment. If you have not received your account data two weeks after enrolment, please visit the service desk on the ground floor of the SCC building (building 20.21). Show your KITCard there, and they will print out your account data on the spot.

Your KIT account

You will receive the e-mail with your account data either shortly after uploading your picture for the KIT Card or at the same time. With the account data you can log into the KIT WLAN (wkit).

To manage your account (activation, password change and forwarding of emails) you have to follow this link https://studium.kit.edu (not https://campus.studium.kit.edu).

Your account consists of three parts:

Your email address: u****@student.kit.edu

Your account name (user account/"user ID"), which begins with "u".

Your initial password

Activation of your account

You should activate your account immediately after receiving the email with your account information. Go to https://studium.kit.edu and click on "To activate a new account, please click here".

Log in with the account details, change your password and accept the terms of use.

Please keep the password safe, as it is the access key to many online services of KIT:

  • Access to the "Campus Management Portal" (https://campus.studium.kit.edu)
  • Access to the PC pool computers in the SCC building
  • Access to ILIAS, the online learning platform of KIT (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/)
  • Access to your KIT e-mail at owa.kit.edu
  • Access to the KIT WiFi network (wkit)
  • Remote access to the online services of KIT via VPN

Text 16325

How can we create "accordion"?

What is the structure?

It must be a question and an answer.

Can the question be corrected later?

Yes, just click on the red dot, wait until a new page loads and then add the sentences.