Karlsruhe's birthday 2015

Karlsruher Stadtgeburtstag 2015

I'll show you my Karlsruhe!

The project 'I’ll show you my Karlsruhe' is available as part of this year's celebrations of Karlsruhe's 300th birthday and offers the possibility of international exchange and intercultural encounters.

International new residents and guests can get to know and experience their new city in a special way: by joining outings with citizens of Karlsruhe, who like to show them their favorite places in the fan-shaped city.
Citizens of Karlsruhe, who would like to get to know international new residents and may want to try their respective foreign language skills, can meet people, with whom they share common interests - be they cultural, sports or leisure - and take the newcomers along to joint small excursions: canoeing on the river Alb or through the floodplains of the river Rhine, to choir practice, to the most beautiful playground, to the place where you can get the best cake in Karlsruhe, to the favorite beer garden…

The "hosts" and guests are supported by tutors from the project team of KIT International Affairs:
For each excursion offered by the "host", small groups form that can communicate in a common language and take a little tour to a special place in or near Karlsruhe. After this first tour, any of the participants can become a new host.
Those who want to offer an excursion, can register via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Excursion ideas will be published and interested persons can sign up for it in the section Offers & Events.
The project team also provides advice and support for those offering the excursions in planning and organizing their trips.

From 31st July to 11th September 2015 different trips will take place every week. The interested parties and the trip providers will meet at the pavilion in the palace gardens (Schloßgarten). From there, the tour can then start. More complex undertakings may be further planned and organized there.
At the meeting point Pavilion, a member of the project team helps the excursion providers and interested parties to find common ground. Tours starting on the same day from the Pavilion can be joined by those who decide at short notice. Participants of the previous week can meet up here for further follow up meetings.


Registration form

In order to register your excursion, please fill in the following registration form:

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