Residence Permit

As a rule, foreign guests with the intention to stay in Germany for a longer period of time have to apply for a residence permit within the first three months of their stay.

Find out more about the different options in the following sections about the Residence Permit for Scientists and take a look at the requirements for the Blue Card or the Settlement Permit.

The German Rectors´Conference, HRK, offers a general overview on entry and residence permits for researchers from non-EU countries


 The advisors of the International Scholars & Welcome Office will be glad to provide you with further information

Anna Navickas          0721 – 608 45640             (E-Mail: anna navickas∂kit edu)

Hartmut Speck          0721 – 608 26165             (E-Mail: hartmut speck∂kit edu)

Isabel Eisenmann     0721 – 608 48349             (E-Mail: isabel eisenmann∂kit edu)



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