Important documents

Be aware that the current legal situation can change at any time and that no guarantee can be given for the information provided. Therefore we strongly recommend contacting IScO for personalized advice before taking any action.Checklist of important document for stays in Germany.

Passport (or equivalent piece of identification)


Please note that your passports or equivalent identity documents should be valid for the whole duration of your stay in Germany. There is the possibility to prolong or to renew your passport at an embassy in Germany. We recommend to take care of these issues in your home countries if possible since your home country's diplomatic mission might be located at a remote place in Germany and/or overwhelmed with work.


Visas for yourself and family members should be applied for as early as possible since this process can take quite a long time. Citizens of EU member states or from certain other countries do not have to file for a visa. Please check beforehand.



Passport Pictures


We strongly recommend that you have several recent passport pictures with you for the various identification cards. The photos should fulfill the criteria of biometric passport pictures.

Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate


Marriage certificate, birth certificates and other documentation should be brought along where appropriate. They should be translated in German or English and certified by a notary public. In some cases it might be necessary to provide a certificate of authenticity (Haager Apostille).

Health Insurance


A health insurance is very important for your stay in Germany. To apply for a residence permit it is even obligatory. If the insurance from your home country is also valid in Germany please bring a confirmation. It is also possible to contract an insurance in Germany.



Please have an international certificate of vaccination with you. Due to possible communication problems with German physicians and to avoid problems with your health insurance, it is preferable to have necessary check-ups and medical tests in your home country before you come to Germany. Prescriptions for special medication are also best arranged before at home. For more detailed information about health insurance and medical treatment please also check the website of EURAXESS Germany.

Other information


Please bring notarized copies of your Ph.D. certificate with you, ideally with German or English translations.

For scholarship holders


Please also make sure to bring a confirmation of the scholarship from the granting body.