Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience – PRIME 2023/24

With funds from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the DAAD PRIME programme funds temporary positions at German universities to support the international mobility of postdoctoral researchers. Postdoctoral researchers who see their long-term career perspectives in Germany receive funding for a research stay abroad based on a temporary position at a German university. In addition to the stay abroad, the funding also includes a mandatory return phase for subsequent reintegration into the German science system.


Who can apply?

Applicants with above-average qualifications from all faculties can apply. They must have completed their doctorate with very good results before the start of funding. An application is possible regardless of nationality and current residency. However, depending on nationality and place of residence, restrictions may apply when choosing the destination country for the stay abroad.


What can be funded?

Funding is being provided for an 18-month employment contract at a German university to conduct a 12-month research stay abroad with a subsequent return phase to Germany. Within the 12 months abroad, it is also possible to combine stays in several research institutions in one or several countries. Please indicate all destination institutions in the application form.


Duration of funding

The support is provided for 18 months, of which the first 12 months are spent abroad and the remaining 6 months of the return phase in Germany. (funding cycle 12+6) Integration into the German social security system is a prerequisite for the research stay abroad. If this condition is not met before the start of the fellowship, funding will begin with a 1-month starting phase in Germany. (funding cycle 1+12+5).

Earliest starting date: 1 June 2024.

Latest starting date: 1 November 2024.



- Salary: temporary 18-month employment contract at a German university according to pay scale TV-L EG 13; It is at the discretion of the employing universities to determine the exact level within the salary group, based on the previous work experience of the fellows.

- Expatriate allowance: The monthly allowance for the research stay abroad is based on an area classification of the destination and the gross income of the fellows. The DAAD will conclude a grant agreement with the respective German university covering the costs for the regular salary and the monthly expatriate allowance.

- Travel allowance: A lump sum travel allowance in accordance with DAAD rates for postdoctoral scientists will be paid for the selected candidate and, if applicable, accompanying spouse or partner (within the meaning of the German law on civil partnerships) and children who will accompany the fellow for at least one month during the research stay abroad. The travel allowance will not be part of the grant agreement with the German university but will be paid to the fellows directly by DAAD.


Application procedure and deadlines

The application form will be available at the DAAD application portal. Once your portal registration has been completed, you can generate and download the form for the required letter of recommendation. After entering the applicant data, all other application documents (with the exception of the letter of recommendation) can be uploaded to the portal. In order to upload the documents, all attachments must be available as pdf files. With the exception of the certificates, all documents must be submitted in English, as the evaluation and selection.

Please find all required documents to be uploaded at the DAAD-Portal in the current call for application.

Application Deadline: 31 August 2023.



Call for application (application requirements, procedure, etc.)

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)