First IECO Steering Committee Meeting

With its first Steering Committee Meeting, the BMBF funded Network project “Institute of Eco-Industrial development” (IECO) celebrated another milestone on 04 May 2021. The Steering Committee is the decisive organ of IECO, consisting of the Institutional Representatives of the four universities (KIT, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Concepción, Universidad Austral de Chile) as well as the project manager, Prof. Andreas Braun (KIT). At the opening of the meeting, which was held virtually due to the actual pandemic situation, Prof. Thomas Hirth, Vice President Innovation for International Affairs gave a few welcome remarks, highlighting the long-standing history of cooperation between the KIT and the three Chilean universities. Then, the research agenda and topics were discussed and approved, and decisions taken regarding the next steps of the project. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Andreas Braun, who was affirmed in his role as project manager by all partners.

Prof. Hirth pointed out that “in its strategy, the KIT has clearly formulated, that KIT provides knowledge for the benefit of the society and the environment and make significant contributions to the global challenges facing of humanity. The topics of IECO fit very well to KIT’s strategy on research and internationalization.”