Friendship tree between KIT and India

Whether Australia, China, or India: KIT maintains many international cooperations. There are 25 KIT partner institutes in India alone. For example, KIT cooperates with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay and enables students to spend time abroad at the IIT Madras University in Chennai. "We maintain close cooperation with our Indian partners, which we would like to expand further," says Oliver Schmidt from KIT International Affairs. Therefore, the head of the cultural department of the Indian Consulate General, S. Vivekananthan, is now visiting KIT to exchange views on issues of cultural and scientific cooperation. On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, which will be celebrated for the 151st time on October 2, a tree will be planted on the KIT as a special symbol during the visit. This will be a walnut tree, which is found in both countries, defies climate change, and was an important tree for Gandhi. The tree is to stand for a long and flourishing relationship between KIT and its Indian partners. After an exchange about research priorities and structures at KIT, the friendship tree will be planted in front of the Gerthsen lecture hall on KIT South Campus. Afterwards, the participants will visit the KIT Botanical Garden.