Keeping on top of your research data

An introduction to research data management practices
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Date : 22.02.2021
Time: 1:30pm to 3.00 pm
Location: Zoom


Through this webinar postgraduate students in Quantum Science will learn about data management in an accessible way that they can apply to their own work.  They will gain an insight into structured methods and tools supporting their research project (from planning data management to improving its visibility and impact). Topics include compliance with the funders' policies; managing and storing research data safely; and good research data practices.

Learning objective: Managing your research data 

Become aware of your own research data and current principles of FAIR data
Learn how to archive, describe and discover research data
Gain an overview of legal aspects of using, sharing and publishing research data
Create a data management plan for your current project or/and your next proposal
Find out where you can get more information and support for better RDM practices

Registrations are closed