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International Students Office (IStO)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Adenauerring 2
76131 Karlsruhe

Campus South
Bldg.: 50.20, Room 106

Phone +49 721 608-44911
Fax +49 721 608-44907
Contact Form

Opening hours Secretary
Mo.-Fr. 9 am-12 am
Closed on Tuesday

Please also note the office hours of our individual employees

Application hotline for international applicants to a degree program: Mo - Fr 10 am - 12 am Phone: +4972160844925

Useful Links

Information on studying in different countries These pages provide all the necessary information about studying in various countries. These include a presentation of the universities, a search for a suitable university and other information about tuition costs, scholarships, visas and the culture of the country in general.
Study in Canada
College Contact General information on studying abroad. On these pages, you can get all the information regarding the specifics of a student with a child studying abroad. There are opinions and the possibility of contacting students who have already studied abroad with a child. General information on studying abroad with a child. General information from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the world’s various programs and funding opportunities.
50 Fragen zum Auslandsstudium A collection of the 50 most frequently asked question about studying abroad. Inspiration und Informationen zur Planung des Auslandsaufenthalts. Hier gibt’s unter anderem die „go out!“-App mit vielen Tipps und Tricks zur Planung des Auslandsaufenthalts kostenlos zum Herunterladen, sowie eine Checkliste zum Ausdrucken. Vermittlungsagentur für Freemover mit kostenlosem Beratungs- und Bewerbungsservice sowie eigenen Stipendien
Applications Here you will find a collection of phrases /sentence patterns in different languages for a successful application abroad. Jobline LMU is the English portal with job application training, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Here you can register for free and get ready in different modules in an English-Language application.
Internships & Jobs Das IPC Darmstadt ist ein studentischer Verein an der TU Darmstadt, der kostenlos weltweite Auslandspraktika an Wirtschaftsingenieure, -informatiker und -mathematiker vermittelt. Die nichtstaatliche Organisation UBELONG mit Sitz in Washington, DC unterstützt Gesellschaften in Asien, Afrika, Mittel- und Südamerika, indem sie internationale Freiwillige einladen, 1 Woche bis 6 Monate an Projekten teilzunehmen. Praktika der Botschaft von Kanada