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The Fulbright Commission awards partial and full scholarships as well as travel grants for the continuation, extension or completion of studies at an American university within the framework of the German-American Fulbright program. Thus, the mutual understanding and academic and cultural exchanges between the U.S. and Germany shall be promoted.

The scholarships are intended for German students who enroll in full at an American university. Specific research projects (dissertations, etc.) that must be performed at a particular university cannot normally be financed. Secondary studies are eligible only as an exception.

Within this program students and graduates of colleges (“Fachhochschulen”) may also be awarded full and partial scholarships. For direct participants in exchange programs (exceptions possible) there also travel grants available to cover the cost of the travel to and from the host institution in the United States.

Requests regarding the American university can or should be specified, but will not necessarily taken into account.


Application Requirements


  • Studies of at least four semesters at a university at the time of departure, thereof a minimum of two at a German university.
  • Good subject-related qualifications, as shown by two reference letters from professors
  • die fachliche und landeskundliche Vorbereitung auf den Studienaufenthalt in den Vereinigten Staaten
  • And good English language skills, that have to be proven by an additional language test that has to be taken in Germany (TOEFL).


Application Deadline


  • For full and partial scholarships: the 08th of July in the year prior to the intended length of stay.
  • For travel grants: on the 15th of January in the year in which the stay is intended.


Application Documents


Application forms are available from mid-April (for full and partial scholarships) or from the beginning of December (for travel grants) and are available on the Fulbright-Commission website.


Application Address


International Students Office of KIT (for applicants that are graduated at the time of application: Fulbright Commission in Berlin)


Selection Process


The International Students Office of KIT will make personal and professional recommendations to the Fulbright Commission as to which students it believes should be awarded the Scholarship, (possibly after an interview). After a nationwide preselection that usually takes place in September, the Fulbright Commission will notify all applicants in writing of the status of their grant application.

Applicants who are shortlisted for a Fulbright Scholarship (partial or full scholarship, not a travel stipend) will be invited by the Fulbright Commission for a final selection in the form of personal interviews. These discussions will be held in late October in Berlin. The personal travel costs of these interviews will be taken on by the Fulbright Commission.

The final selection for the travel grants will be held in March. After completion of the selection process, the candidates are expected to be notified in early March as to the outcome of the scholarship application via a letter in the mail.

For more information you can contact the International Students Office or go directly to the Fulbright-Commission website.


Fulbright-Studienstipendium 2019/2020
Wer im Studienjahr 2019-2020 für vier bis neun Monate als graduate student an einer US-Hochschule studieren möchte, kann sich jetzt um ein Studienstipendium der Fulbright-Kommission bewerben. Stipendiat/innen werden mit bis zu $34.500 und der Aufnahme in das Fulbright-Netzwerk unterstützt.
Bewerbungsfrist: 23. Juli 2018
Mehr Informationen zur Bewerbung gibt es hier
Fulbright Diversity Initiative in den USA 2018

Für junge Studierende mit Migrationshintergrund an deutschen Fachhochschulen und Universitäten bietet die Fulbright Kommission ein Sommerstudienprogramm an, das in das Studium und Leben auf einem amerikanischen Hochschulcampus einführt.

Das Programm findet statt vom 18. August bis 15. September 2018 an der Trinitity University in San Antonio, Texas und bietet den TeilnehmerInnen im Rahmen von Seminaren und Workshops eine Einführung in die Geschichte, Politik und Gesellschaft der USA.

Bewerbungsende: 20. März 2018

Für mehr Informationen: Webseite

Die Fulbright-Kommission Reisestipendien

Für das amerikanische Studienjahr 2018-2019 schreibt die Fulbright-Kommission Reisestipendien zum Studium in den USA aus. Die Förderung richtet sich an deutsche Studierende der Universitäten und Fachhochschulen, die ihren Studienaufenthalt in den USA über ein deutsch-amerikanisches Hochschulpartnerschaftsprogramm arrangieren und (teil-)finanzieren.
Frist: 15. Januar 2018 (Eingang beim International Students Office, Ansprechpartnerin: Cornelia Stoll)
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Mehrere Informationen zu Bewerbungsvoraussetzungen und zur Bewerbungsprozess finden Sie hier.