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[+] ASTA Consultant for International Students

The main task of the Spokesperson/ Consultant for international students is to represent the interests of the international students and to help them in different fields of a students life. This includes, for example, house hunting, job hunting, filling out forms, insurance, residence permit, work permit and authorities affairs (e.g dealing with the Foreign Registration Authority). During office hours can international students approach the Consultant and ask for help.

[+] Businessclub Karlsruhe

The Businessclub Karlsruhe is a network of specialists and executives, which is also open to students and members of the KIT. Active, career-oriented, communicative, international people of all ages are networking in and with the region of Karlsruhe. Membership is free and gatherings (“Stammtisch”) are held in many different languages, including German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, French and English.www.karlsruhebc.de [+] The International Scholars & Welcome Office (IScO)

The International Scholars & Welcome Office (IScO)  is the central service point to contact with questions related to international mobility, as much for KIT scientists, as for foreign scientists, who come to KIT for scientific projects, and for their hosts.The service includes personal consultations when planning a research stay, possibilities of funding, assistance in administrative affairs as well as help with issues about every day’s life in Karlsruhe.

[+] MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg

In order to make the transition from school to university as smooth as possible, the MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg  offers many helpful programmes to prepare for academic study in the MINT-subjects (MINT stand for Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural sciences, Technology/Engineering). Preparatory studies programme, study-related courses, exam-preparation courses and interactive online courses in basic disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Information Sciences are aimed at prospective students and incoming first-year students. Due to the relatively small number of students the MINT-Kolleg can ensure a student-orientated intensive workload and supervision on individual basis.

[+] The International Student Center (ISC) of the Studentenwerk Karlsruhe

The International Student Center (ISC) of the Studentenwerk Karlsruhe  is responsible for the students of the universities in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim. Our main task is to provide advice and support regarding student life (Searching for accommodation or a job, Social counselling, Studying with children etc.), to integrate the international students and to cultivate the international networks. With our program, (excursions, cultural events, international evenings, language partners, sponsorships, and exchange programs for students) we want to invite the students to experience community, including multicultural community in small groups. Our dedicated and multicultural team prepares each semester a multifaceted program and invites all students to experience cultural exchange. Our program includes also exchange with national and international institutions, resulting in prolonged and successful projects (Chinese Culinary and Cultural Days, Japan Days, German-French-Polish Exchange etc.).

[+] The Studienkolleg at KIT

The Studienkolleg at KIT  offers preparatory and study-related German courses at various levels.Alongside general language courses, courses for special skills e.g. Scientific writing, Presentationskills and a German course focusing on the MINT subjects are offered to international students, academics and their partners during the semester.The Studienkolleg advises and supports international students and KIT employees as they learn the German language.[+] The Zentrum fuer Information und Beratung (ZIB)

The Zentrum fuer Information und Beratung (zib) is the central counseling center at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and thus your first contact point for all questions regarding your studies, see: http://www.sle.kit.edu/vorstudium/zib.php.  Who we can help: people searching for general information or who seek counseling regarding the choice of or change of their major; people who need counseling in planning and organizing their studies or who have questions about how to finance them; those who are confronted with problems and burdens; and finally also those who just need guidance in the extensive counseling and service offers at the KIT.The zib offers personal counseling in general and specialized questions, organizes information events about different majors as well as workshops about how to choose the right major for you; see our event schedule: http://www.sle.kit.edu/vorstudium/veranstaltungskalender.php


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