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Blue Card & Settlement Permit



Blue Card


The Blue Card EU is a distinct residence permit which entitles the respective holder to perform highly qualified employment. Its aim is to facilitate the access of qualified employees to the European employment market.

To obtain a Blue Card you have to prove to the respective alien authority that


  • You are in possession of a qualified university degree,
  • You are holding a position that meets your qualification,
  • You are receiving a gross salary that exceeds the minimum rate according to the law. This mimimum rate depends on the professional field you intend to work in.


As a rule, the minimum rate sums up to a yearly gross salary of 49.600 Euro.

In shortage occupations such as those of natural scientists, mathematicians, in the field of engineering, medicine, and information technology a minimum gross salary of 38.688 Euros is sufficient to qualify for the Blue Card.

The Blue Card is issued according to the duration of your employment contract plus three months. Holders of a Blue Card are entitled to apply for a settlement permit already after 33 months of their stay, i.e. after 33 contributions to the statutory pension scheme in Germany. This requirement is even shortened to only 21 months and contributions to the German pension scheme if the applicant can prove German language skills according to the level of B1.





Settlement Permit (Unlimited residence permit)


The so-called `Niederlassungserlaubnis´ or Settlement Permit is an unlimited residence permit. It allows the holder to take up any employment in Germany. You are entitled to obtain a Settlement Permit if you fulfill the following requirements:


  • Valid Residence Permits for the five preceding years
  • Sufficient means of subsistence for you and your family
  • At least 60 months of contributions to the statutory pension scheme of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung or equivalent payments to other insurances
  • The right to be employed as an employee
  • Sufficient knowledge of the German language
  • Sufficient knowledge of the Legal System, Social System and the Living Conditions in Germany
  • Sufficient housing space for you and your family


If a settlement permit is issued, marital partners are also given a residence permit which allows them unrestricted employment opportunities in Germany.


Settlement Permit for Graduates of German Universities


Foreign Graduates of German Universities are allowed to obtain a settlement permit under alleviated terms. In contrast to other foreigners living in Germany, foreign graduates of German universities have to prove only 24 months of contributions to the statutory pension scheme of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung or equivalent payments to other insurances.

Accordingly, the settlement permit can be issued already after two years in the aftermath of the graduation given that your current workplace is appropriate for university graduates.
Apart from this deviation, all other general requirements mentioned in the section above have to be met also.