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Overview of events

International Campus Life

You are looking…
… for academic advice?
… to improve your German?
… to meet other Internationals or Germans?
… to learn about cultures?


On this page, you can find an overview of events which might be interesting to you, whether you are an international scientist, lecturer, doctoral candidate, post-doctoral researcher, student or simply interested in experiencing interculturality at KIT.

Interesting for me as ... Category
Overview of events
Activity name Description Audience Kategorie Organizer Frequency
See Karlsruhe and the region, experience culture and country, see interesting places and get to know new people!
PhD students/ doctoral candidates, scholars, family/partner get-together IScO one every two months

Every month  IScO organises a “Stammtisch” (regulars’ table). This is a brilliant opportunity to meet other international researchers, postdocs, PhD students and scholarship holders from all over the world in a relaxed ambiance. You could also ask your partners, friends and colleagues to accompany you. Everybody is welcome. Exchange information, make new friends and have fun!

PhD-students/ doctoral candidates, scholars, family/partner get-together IScO once a month, usually Thursdays

Betreuungsangebote & Forschungs- und Lehrassistenzstipendien für ausländische Doktoranden und PostDocs

Rat & Hilfe

Humboldt-Day at KIT. A great opportunity to receive information about the Humboldt Foundation and researchers mobility students, PhD-students, doctoral candidates, family/partner
speech, get-together, additional skill, academic exchange International Scholars and Welcome Office
1 x Year 
KHYS members receive financial support for taking part in further education courses at KIT (e.g. languages, career development) PhD-students Additional skill KHYS in cooperation with partners throughout the year
Panel discussions & get together concerning topics that are of relevance to young scientists. Interdepartmental meetings of doctoral researchers and postdocs. students, PhD-students, doctoral candidates Academic exchange KHYS regularly
KHYS offers mobility and networking measures: Research Travel Scholarship, Visiting Researcher Scholarship, Networking Grant, Event Planning Support PhD-students, doctoral candidates Additional skill, academic exchange
KHYS throughout the year
Presentations, workshops and informational events covering all aspects of the PhD phase (partly in English); networking opportunities Students, PhD-students Speech, seminar, academic exchange KHYS 1 x Year
Presentation at the KIT course. Introduction for New Staff Members. (German and English courses) PhD-students, doctoral candidates Speech FTU 10 x Year
KHYS employees provide consultation services concerning all aspects of doing a PhD at KIT (e.g. financing, finding a supervisor etc). PhD-students, doctoral candidates, scholars Advice & help
KHYS all the time
Members of the free of charge network receive mailings concerning events, programs, financing options etc.
PhD-students, doctoral candidates, scholars
Advice & Help
This English-language training platform is organized by KIT doctoral researchers for other KIT doctoral researchers. PhD-students Speech, academic exchange KHYS 1 x Year

Projects are tasks beyond routine work and require a specific management. Successful project management needs multiple skills and is a basis for changes and innovative processes in plenty fields/subjects of studies.

This seminar focuses on fundamentals of an effective project management: structures, organization, project-oriented leading and observing of aims in relation of time, cost and quality. Expert knowledge, leadership qualities, competence of methods and commitment are relevant.

This course combines aims, planning, setting milestones, design, organization, controlling and evaluation of projects considering of risk management, internal and external influencing factors, quality standards and conflict resolution in project work. Connecting theory and practice participants will learn systematically essential tools and instruments. 

PhDs, Scientists Seminar PEW
1 x Year
Throughout the two-day workshop, participants will be guided through playful exercises to improve non-verbal communication, the ability to listen and react generously, and to integrate focusing techniques which magnify the power of the speaker. Attention will be given to breath and speech patterns of the participants, to strengthen both the ease and the clarity of the speaker. Participants will receive individual feedback on the effectiveness of their presentation skills using video-recording. PhDs, Scientists Seminar PEW
2 x Year

Researchers increasingly need to publish their work in English in order to reach a wider audience and improve their academic standing. Sometimes their level of English leads reviewers to reject the papers or to misunderstand the contents.
The seminar comprises two one-day interactive sessions that take participants step-by-step through the writing and revision of one of their papers at the conceptual, organisational and writing levels. First, participants learn how to ensure that the paper?s content fits to their message and audience. Then, they learn how to organize a paper and structure a logical argument in English. Finally, participants learn how to revise their texts at the section, paragraph and sentence level. At each level we explore the main differences between papers in English and German.
Between sessions, participants apply the theory to their own texts. They also receive feedback and suggestions for improvement of their texts from the workshop leader. By the end of the course each participant will have polished one paper and will be able to approach the next one confidently

PhDs, Scientists Seminar PEW 2 x Year
Students, PhDs, Scientists, Family/Partner Academic exchange, Help & advice
KSOP one a year
This courses are suited for all students/PhD students/post-docs, employees, who wish to improve their general language skills. During the lessons, all language skills (understanding when reading, understanding when listening, written and oral communication) are trained and enhanced. Students, PhDs, Scientists, Family/Partner Seminar, Language Studienkolleg am KIT 2 times a week; during the semester
students, PhD-students/ doctoral candidates, scholars, family/partner get-together StW
students PhD students/ doctoral candidates scholars get-together StW 5 times per semester
students, PhD students/ doctoral candidates, scholars get-together StW
students, PhD students/ doctoral candidates, scholars Speech, academic exchange, advice & help ZAK irregular

Das ZAK bietet im Rahmen des Studium Generale jedes Semester eine Auswahl an Seminaren zur interkulturellen Kompetenz und Kommunikation mit Länderschwerpunkten an.

Studierende, Doktoranden Seminar ZAK

Internationalisierung und interkulturelle Handlungskompetenz - Qualifikationsmodul Grundlagen „Interkulturelles Basiswissen“ und Vertiefung „Interkulturelle Handlungsfelder“

Studierende, Doktoranden
Zusatz qualifikation ZAK

Lehrveranstaltungen zur Förderung der Europakompetenz.

Studierende, Doktoranden
Zusatz qualifikation ZAK

Veranstaltungen zum integrativen Führungskonzept "DiMa": bewusste Wahrnehmung u. produktiver Umgang mit der Verschiedenheit der Eigenschaften von Menschen.

Studierende, Doktoranden
Zusatz qualifikation ZAK

Vortrag bei bei deutschen und englischen Einführungsveranstaltungen

Doktoranden, Wissenschaftler
Vortrag IScO 10x im Jahr
Studierende IStO
Studierende Rat & Hilfe IStO und AK ERASMUS 1x im Semester

Vernetzung mit früheren internationalen + deutschen Austauschstudenten; Beteiligung von Incomings und Rückkehrern an Info-Veranstaltungen für Outgoings

Studierende IStO
Info-Veranstaltung für ERASMUS Studenten der KSOP (Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics) Studierende Rat & Hilfe International Department GmbH 1x im Semester
Studierende Akademischer Austausch International Department GmbH 1x im Jahr

Studierende mit Interesse an einem internationalen Austausch mit Frankreich und Polen erhalten die Gelegenheit, sich dieses Jahr beim International Student Center im Studentenwerk Karlsruhe für das trinationale Treffen zu bewerben.

Studierende Akademischer Austausch StW 10 Tage pro Student

Einen Partner finden, der Ihnen bei den ersten Schritten im neuen Land zur Seite steht, mit Ihnen auf Ämter geht, Ihnen hilft die alltäglichen Hürden leichter zu überwinden.

Studierende Informelle Treffen StW

Studienzeit ist die beste Zeit im Leben. Noch besser wird diese Zeit wenn man sie teilweiße im Ausland verbringt. Einmal in der Woche treffen sich die Studenten in einem Lokal. 

Studierende, (Doktoranden), (Wissenschaftler), (Familie/Partner) Informelle Treffen AK ERASMUS dienstags

verbunden mit 'Blitzsemiar' zu interkutureller Kompetenz

Studierende Informelle Treffen AK ERASMUS

Orientierungsphase für nationale und internationale Studierende der  Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics (KSOP) 

Studierende Rat & Hilfe International Department GmbH 1 x im Semester

Willkommensveranstaltung für Master-Studierende der KSOP

Studierende Informelle Treffen International Department GmbH 1 x im Semester

Das JM Circle Seminar ist außerdem im Modulhandbuch von KSOP verankert.

Studierende, Doktoranden Seminar ZAK im Semester