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Pre-school children


Once they are three years old children can start attending Kindergarten (however, attendance is voluntary). There are various types of kindergartens (those provided by the local authority, churches, associations and private initiatives), which ask for different fees. Normally, children are supervised in the mornings and/or in the afternoons, and usually a lunch is not offered. More information can be found here.


Day Care Centres – Whole-day Kindergarten

In Karlsruhe, there is also a service which is offered for children who are three years or older. It looks after the children all day (from approx. 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. depending on the service) and provides meals. However, places on these programs are limited.


International Day Care Centres

Nursery at Europaschule

AWO Day-care Polyglott

AWO Day-care SieKids Villa Pusteblume

AWO Day-care Monelli

AWO Day-care "les explorateurs - die Entdecker"

AWO Day-care PAMINA  

AWO Day-care Mikado

AWO Day-care les petits amis

educcare Day-care Karlsruhe-Wasserflöhe

educcare Day-care Karlsruhe-Mühlwichtel

Netzwerk Mensch Day-care Schloss-Geister

Day Care facilities at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Campus North and South have childcare centres from children age 0 to 6 years old. For more information visit this webpage or call Antje Wiggenhauser (+49 721 608-25830 )

Furthermore KIT has set up a service centre for parents. The centre will put you in touch with childminders, nannies and emergency care (in case of illness or professional commitments). For more information you can call Tina Edel (+49 721/60825088), tina edel∂kit edu

The Studentenwerk Karlsruhe offers different day care facilities for parent students. The childcare facility "Blumenland" is a Kindergarten in Adlerstraße in Karlsruhe with spaces for 54 children in four groups. In most cases children are looked after full-time including lunch. Some spaces for part-time care with or without lunch are also available. In the day care facility “Sternschnuppe“ two child carers look after 20 children between the ages of three and six years. With breakfast, lunch and a snack, varying meals are provided. More information you will find here.

Studentenhaus, room 102
Adenauerring 7
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: 0721 6909-119
Fax: 0721 6909-116
sozialesLzo5∂studentenwerk-karlsruhe de


Subvention for parents

Single parents and parents whose child attends a day care centre can gain the so called “ Elternbeiratszuschuss”. Wether you can receive this benefit depends on the family salary.
More information can be found here: Subvention for Parents.


Day Nurseries

In day nurseries, children are looked after from the age of one to three years old, however offers of places are quite rare. Responsible for the intervention is the Youth welfare office of Karlsruhe.


Day mothers and fathers, and private care for children

There is also the possibility of private accommodation for your children, for instance with so-called “Tagesmütter" (day mothers)” who look after your children with her own family for a certain period of time. These day mothers and fathers often have small children of their own, or take on several day-foster children who can play with each other. You can find out about Tagesmütter in newspaper advertisements, for example, in “Karlsruher Kind” or in the youth welfare department.


Babysitting and other possibilities

The question of childcare is often not an easy one. Often you can find advertisements around the neighborhood, for example in local supermarkets, of pupils who offer a babysitting service, usually in the afternoons or evenings. Also groups of parents can get together to look after their children, for example, by mutually employing a babysitter.