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School children

For all parents – German or otherwise – it is not easy to choose a suitable school for their child. You can find a short general overview of the German educational system on the site of EURAXESS. You can also find detailed information about the school situation in Karlsruhe in the brochure "Schulische Bildung und Betreuungsangebote in Karlsruhe" which is published annually and displayed in every civil office, as well as on Karlsruhe’s official website.


Please note that there may be the possibility to enrol children also during a school year.

Only for basic questions, contact:
Staatliches Schulamt Karlsruhe
Blumenstraße 2 a
76133 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 133-4190
Fax: +49 721 133-4199
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Day Care for school children


Since the introduction of the so-called “Verlässlichen Grundschule” (`Reliable Elementary School´)parents can take advantage of the supplementary care which is now offered in almost all elementary schools. If no lessons are scheduled between 7.30 and 13:00 or 14:00 o’clock, they are supervised by certified members of staff. This supplementary care will not be offered in Karlsruhe during non-school days or holidays. You can find more detailed information on Karlsruhe’s official website: Care for children.




Particularly for youg school children just entering school there are arragements known as "Schülerhorte". However these are on a restricted scale. With this arrangement the children are supervised before lessons, during hours of non-teaching, and above all, after lessons. Some facilities even offer the opportunity to do homework under supervision. "Schülerhorte" are open, as a rule, during school holidays, and close only once a year for four weeks (during the long summer holiday). 
Here you can find an overview about the ‘Horte’ in Karlsruhe.