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Private health insurances

Private health insurance premiums do not depend on a person´s income but on various criteria influencing the insurer´s risk such as age, gender, profession, and state of health. The more comprehensive the service the more expensive it becomes. As a privately insured person you will receive personal invoices in case of any treatment which you will then have to submit to your insurer for a refund.

If you’re suffering from an illness it is advisable to stock up the medicine you may need in your home country because illnesses predating your stay in Germany may not be covered by the German Insurance Company. The same applies to any pre-natal care and childbirth if the expectant mother has become pregnant before entering Germany. We strongly recommend to study any premiums and benefits carefully, and discuss any doubts concerning coverage before you conclude a contract and / or start treatment.


Private health insurances for employed researchers:


If you have an employment contract with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and are eligible to select a private health insurance, you can choose from a list of possible insurers.


Private health insurances for fellowships and other purposes:

As a fellow or for other purposes you can either bring sufficient health insurance coverage from your home country or conclude a contract with a German insurance company. In case you plan to conclude a private health insurance in your home country it is very important to make sure that all possible health insurance costs are covered for the entire duration of your stay in Germany. Please note that some private insurers offer special insurance products for researchers and fellows visiting Germany for a certain period of time such as the following companies:

Care Concept



Hanse Merkur

Klemmer International






A lot of these products can be ordered online. Please contact IScO if you need advice.