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Statutory health insurances

Contributions to the German National Health Care System have been standardized. Currently all insurers of the German National Health Care System charge the standard rate of 14,6% of an employee´s gross income (as of January 1st 2015). This rate is partly paid by the employer with 7,3% and by the employee with 7,3%. The contributions are deducted automatically from your monthly payments.

Since these rates are not sufficient to cover all expenses statutory, insurances charge an additional rate varying between 0.3% and 1.2% of an employee´s gross income. This additional rate has to be covered solely by the employee. Thus the actual health insurance rate may vary between 14.9% and 15.8% of the monthly gross income.

To take a look at the additional rates charged by the various statutory insurances please see the website of the responsible central organization of all statutory insurers.

Benefits of the German National Health Care System are standardized by law. You are free to choose among all insurance companies within the National Health Care System. Differences between statutory insurers are rather slight. However, there may be differences in the amount of local affiliates, customer service, premiums, and additional benefits. Accompanying family members registered in Germany may be insured on the same policy without additional costs (family insurance). In contrast to private insurances statutory health insurances pay the costs of treatments directly to the hospitals and doctors involved. Therefore you will only have to present your insurance card before treatment.

European Statutory Health Insurance Providers:

As a member of a European Statutory Health Insurance Provider you are entitled to be issued a so-called European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). With this card you can easily obtain treatment in case of injury or illness in all EU Member states including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. Costs will be refunded by your home health insurance provider at the same rate as they would if they had been incurred in your home country. Costs exceeding the home rates will have to be paid by the patient. It is therefore advisable to conclude an additional private travel insurance to cover extra costs. Note that the EHIC is usually only valid for temporarily limited stays, only useful for the most necessary medical services and does not cover the costs incurred for transporting an invalid back to his oder her home country.



Delegations to Germany and Health Insurance:

If you continue to be employed and paid in your home country, and actually work in Germany as a delegate you may continue to be subject to your national health care system while being in Germany given that your home country´s rules concerning national health care allow for this case. If a `Social Security Agreement´ (Sozialversicherungsabkommen) between your home country and Germany exists you may be provided with a special form for example headed E101 or A1. Please check on the website of the German Public Health Insurance Association wether a Social Security Agreement between your home country and Germany exists.


Delegations from EU-countries:

For longer delegations within the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland your domestic health insurance company will provide you with the so-called E106-Form if requested. This form entitles you to register with a German health insurance scheme. In this case please get in contact with your national Health Insurance provider.
More links and information on Social Security in the European Union can be found on EU Social Security Coordination, the European information portal on Social Security.