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Employment Law Regulations



For longer stays in Germany you usually need a residence permit for which you will have to apply for at the responsible alien authority. If your stay includes an employment the alien authority will also seek the approval of the federal employment agency (`Bundesagentur für Arbeit´). However, this does not apply to academic personnel at universities and research institutes such as KIT since their activities are privileged by the German legislator. In these cases the alien authority is entitled to issue authorization allowing you to pursue academic activity and include this authorisation in your residence permit.






Accompanying Spouses

If your husband or wife would also like to work in Germany he or she usually requires the approval of the alien authority as well as the federal employment agency. If a valid job offer exists the alien authority will forward the application internally to the employment agency. The agency then checks if there are German nationals or EU citizens who have to be given priority.




 If you and your spouse are in possession of a settlement permit working in Germany is allowed without further approval. If your residence permit was issued according to § 20 of the Residence Law (`Aufenthaltsgesetz´) your husband or wife is also allowed to take up employment once the employment agency has checked whether your husband or wife is not employed under less favourable conditions than comparable employees. However, the agency will not examine whether there are German or European employees available for the employment.





For further information about employment regulations in Germany, please see the website of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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