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It is important to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology that its guests arrive on the agreed date to take up their work.
Please give high priority to obtaining all relevant documents needed for applying for the appropriate entry visa, if required. The type of visa required depends on the reason of your stay in Germany.


Important Information:


Please abstain from travelling to Germany with a tourist visa (Visum für einen touristischen Aufenthalt). Such visas are valid for three months only. Furthermore, you are not allowed to accept a job. A tourist visa cannot be converted into another type of visa or residence permit during your stay in our country. If you arrive with such a visa, you would have to leave Germany at the end of your visa's period of validity. Please contact the nearest Embassy or General Consulate responsible for the area you live in as soon as possible to find out which documents are required and which further actions need to be taken. If you need support in doing so, please contact IScO. [here you can find more detailed information regarding visa...]


From visa to residence permit:


IScO will assist you with the application for a residence permit. At the beginning the residence permit is issued for a maximum duration of two years. A renewal is possible. It entitles you to multiple entries into Germany and to move freely between all States of the Schengen Agreement. Please get in contact with us for personalized detailed information. Here you can find some general information about the residence permit.


Special conditions for academics:


Visa applications by foreign academics and their accompanying spouses and unmarried children of minor age will be handled under special conditions to expedite the entire procedure. In this respect, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that, when issuing approval-free visas, the German foreign diplomatic mission in the respective home country will not automatically verify the authenticity of the documents certifying the marital status and parentage of accompanying family members. This, however, may cause difficulties at a later time, when applying for a residence permit in Germany. In any case, ensure that the authenticity of your documents is verified in your home country before travelling to Germany. Please make it a special point to ask the German Embassy or General Consulate which method of certification is required (Haager Apostille, German translation certified by a notary public etc.).

The visa required will be issued by the German foreign diplomatic mission (Embassy or General Consulate) in your home country (or the country in which you reside at the time of application). Every individual entering Germany will certainly need a valid identity document - in most cases, a passport. This document should be valid for a period exceeding the anticipated duration of your stay in Germany.

The German Federal Foreign Office answers Frequently Asked Questions concerning visa issues on its website.


The advisors of the International Scholars & Welcome Office will be glad to provide you with further information

Florian Döring   0721 – 608 45640             (E-Mail: Florian Doering∂kit edu)

Anna Navickas  0721 – 608 29118             (E-Mail: Anna.Navickas∂kit.edu)

Hartmut Speck  0721 – 608 26165             (E-Mail: Hartmut Speck∂kit edu)