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Veranstaltungskalender Internationales

Effective Communication of Climate Change
12.11.2018, 10:30 - 14:00
Rintheimer Str. 46

Solutions to address the climate change are on the rise, with more and more people, institutions, and countries taking actions to protect our homeplanet. However, the UN Climate Change Conference organizers urge us that there is need for even more ambition to mitigate the climate change. This urgency closely relates to motivating people, a challenging task that goes hand in hand with climate change communication. Some of the challenging questions are: what are the most effective tools to communicate climate change, so that they don’t only motivate, but ensure long term action? How do we adjust the communication, so that it takes into account the diversity of those with whom we communicate? How do we measure effectiveness and keep it up to date? In this course we will critically examine the recent studies on climate change communication, as well as discuss and practice various tools to tackle the above questions. You will also engage in (co)creating a communication draft-project related to your interests and climate change.

Sufficient command of English is important in order to actively participate in all activities. This is an interdisciplinary and interactive seminar.



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