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German-French Initiative (DeFI) - Administrative Office

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Adenauerring 2
76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

Campus South
Building 50.20, room 107

Phone:  +49 721 608 4 2894
Fax:  +49 721 608 4 6825
E-Mail:  defiIjl7∂intl kit edu

German-French Initiative at KIT

France is KIT’s most important cooperation partner in Europe. There are, in addition to the geographical proximity, also many historical and strategic reasons.

The wide range of teaching and research cooperation between KIT and partner institutions in France is supported, promoted and coordinated by the office of the German-French initiative (DeFI) of KIT.

KIT offers a wide range of German-French double degree programs and maintaints numerous partnerships with French research institutions.




Services Offered:

Our service is to promote German-French cooperation in teaching through:

  • Coordination of German-French double degree programs with partner universities;
  • Support for the German and French students of the double degree program;
  • Organizing Events (Seminars, summer schools, exhibitions, language courses, etc.);
  • Work Placements, study, graduate and doctoral thesis
  • Contact point to the German-French University
    • Double-doctoral degrees
    • Promotion of double degrees
  • Scholarship programs with industry partners

Our services to promote German-French research cooperation:

  • Application
  • Funding
  • Visibility in the International Envirionment