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Coordination office for the integration of refugees and migrants at KIT
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On March 01, 2016, Daniela von Rüden started work as refugee coordinator at KIT. She is the central contact person for the support and integration of refugees at KIT.


Consulting office for refugees and migrants

Consultations take place with the support of the KIT study ambassadors in different languages (German, English, Arabic).

Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., building 50.20, first floor, room 005.

Please send us an E-Mail to make an appointment in advance:

migrantsVvv9∂intl kit edu

Coordinator for the integration of refugees and migrants at KIT

Daniela von Rüden

E-Mail: daniela ruedenRxn7∂kit edu

Tel.: 0721-608 41102

Coordination Office for Refugees

With a range of various initiatives and services, KIT supports the integration of people with a background of displacement and migration. Daniela von Rüden is the central contact person in this coordination office.

The offers include: a student visitor program, extensive advice on university applications, assistance in entering the context of employment, the tandem program "Pelican", the „Student Ambassador Program“, the training course "Programing for Refugees", the lecture series "World Science Café" and the Buddy Program.

Further information: